From NATO to Brexit, Trump has a record of siding with Putin

by MG editor


Republican nominee and Russian president appear to see eye-to-eye on many key issues, share deep dislike of Clinton

ed note–besides the obvious slant attached to this piece suggesting that somehow Trump is an ‘asset’ of a foreign power, there is actually a lot being said that needs to be considered, and not just by the American people, but indeed by each and every member of the entire human population whose lives are going to be directly impacted on what is coming down the road vis a’ vis the next POTUS.

As we have said here many times, people the world over need to look more deeply into the entire Trump phenomenon and recognize that he/it is an act of desperation on the part of powerful players not only within the American military/intelligence apparati, but as well those of other nations as well,who understand just how close to the precipice the ENTIRE WORLD stands right now. The economic situation, the unleashing of indiscriminate terrorism and mass murder throughout the world, to say nothing of the cauldron of conflict and increasing consternation between a nuclear-armed US and a nuclear-armed Russia, all of these factors have come to a head to the point that saner players within the lunatic asylum known as the power elite are doing everything they can to put some distance between what’s left of the world and the impending apocalypse that is SURE to arrive with a bang if desperate maneuvers and counter-measures are not employed.

Having said this, all can rest assured that Trump’s ‘people’ and those of other players–including Russia, are indeed meeting with each other on a regular basis (quietly) and hammering out some strategy that (they hope) will save what’s left of this dying world from reaching that point of no return, if in fact this has not been reached already.

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