Russian Church and State Sign Agreement to Prevent Abortion

by Sabba


RUSSIA INSIDER –  The Russians are returning to their tradition of Symphonia, inherited from Byzantium and instituted by Constantine the Great, where church and state complement each other.

Sabba – The principle of Symphonia, where Church and State complement each other was the governing principle of Western Europe during the Middle Ages. Unlike everything we are taught in school, the State was never slave to the Church and vice versa. There was a very subtle balance between the 2, they both worked together, they both needed each other to protect themselves against a third power which was always there, laying in stratagem to destroy both and which they had perfectly identified.. That system worked for almost 1000 years. That’s why the jews re-labelled that most glorious and luminous part of European History ‘The Dark Ages’. 

The day the Spiritual and Temporal powers were split, the day they stopped working together, guess which power crept in and got in the middle and destroyed both?  ... The money power. And the money lenders are, have been and will always be the same. Except that we now call them bankers.

Bravo to Russia for getting back to the principle of Symphonia, bravo for banning abortion and giving precedence to Life over Death. 

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