Add Your Name: Stop Watering Our Crops with Toxic Oil Wastewater

If you eat avocados, oranges and grapes, you’ve eaten crops grown in California. In fact, over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits are grown in California.1 When you bite into those fruits and vegetables, what comes to mind? Freshness, sunshine, good health?

Well, add toxic oil wastewater to that list, because that’s what is being used to irrigate California crops.2

Big Oil has taken advantage of California farmers’ desperate need for water and is selling them oil wastewater—the water that’s been used in fracking and other oil operations—at a cheap rate for irrigation. Hundreds of chemicals are used in oil operations, and some of these chemicals are known to cause cancer, kidney failure, and liver damage3and they could be in the oil wastewater that is being used on our fruits and vegetables.

Fracking wastewater anyone?  Image result for frackwater in drinking glass

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