Pharaoh Akhanaten’s Ashkenazi Zionatzi Freemason Jesuit Jews
Khazarian Satan Worshipers, Sacrificing Children & Drinking Their Blood

The author of a book titled “Bloody Passover” about European Ashkenazi Jews’ Child Sacrifice & Rituals, is not Christian, Muslim or Hindu but Jewish. He is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv. The book documents a history of Jewish Human Sacrifice.

Prof. Toaff in his book shows how Ashkenazi Jews are obsessed with intense hatred   for   Christians and   the Christian religion; Jews kidnapped and castrated Christian boys on a large scale and sold them into slavery in Islamic Spain for centuries; Jews use human blood in all sorts of quack remedies, despite the Biblical prohibition, even for minor complaints;  Jews  use  Christian  human  blood  in  their matzoh balls at Passover;  Jews  use Christian human  blood  in  their wine at Passover;  the  blood  has  to  be  from  Christian  boys  no  more  than  7 years of age, & certified kosher by a rabbi; a  large  and  profitable  trade  in  fake  blood products and animal blood, unsuitable the ritual purpose, undermined the purpose.

While set in a historical perspective documenting overwhelming evidence of the insane practices of the Ashkenazi Jews sacrificing children and drinking their blood, one can not help ponder if the book has not been written for the modern Jew as a “reference” or “instruction manual”. Explosive evidence is being produced from all around the world that these Zionatzi psychopaths continue to sacrifice children, drink their blood & eat their flesh to this very day. Not only that, evidence showing that events such as 9/11 are planned & carried out as ritualistic sacrifices to these psychopaths “god” Lucifer / Satan. The World Wars, genocides & the most depraved human acts all seem to fall within this “sacraficial” category.

More chilling is the leaked DNA evidence which links Pharoah Akhenaten & his son Thutenkamen as blood relatives to the Queen of England and a majority of European Royalty. This, as you will learn from Prof Toaff’s book, and when comprehending that Pharoah Akhanaten was most likely an Ashkenazi Jew, reaches the most extreme level of disgust & depravity, in the intricate and many detailed accounts of how the Pharoah sacrificed hundreds of children and bathed in their blood in an effort to rid himself of leopracy. The practice of drinking blood of babies, blood infusion & “bathing in blood”, we now learn is practiced Ashkeazi Zionatzi Freemason Jesuti Jews to this very day.

One can only conclude that these practices form the extreme and insane Janus construct of sowing the deepest hatred and division amongst different groups. The double-headed Janus eagle of the two-faced Janus God can be traced right back to Enki’s helper Urudu XXX. Have we uncovered the verry roots of mankinds engineering & enslavement, the division sown amongst us by insane sacraficial religions that survive to this day as Christianity, Judaism, Islam & Satanasm (The worship of Lucifer and his Christ).

Prof. Toaff writes: “The  reference  to  the  sacrifice  of  Isaac  would  appear out  of  place, considering  that,  in  the  Biblical  account,  Abraham  did  not  really immolate  his  son,  as  he  was  prepared  to  do,  but  was  stopped  by  the miraculous  Divine  intervention  which  stayed  his  hand,  holding  the sacrificial knife. But this conclusion should certainly be revised…. The Midrash even advances the  hypothesis  that  Abraham  really shed  Isaac’s blood, sacrificing him on the precise spot upon which the Altar of the Temple of Jerusalem was later to be built.”

He continues “Isaac was sacrificed for the love of God and his blood gushes onto the  altar,  coloring  it  red.  This  is  the  historical ritual  memory, transfigured and updated, which the Judaism of the German lands, reduced in numbers by the suicides and mass child murders committed during the Crusades “for the sanctification of the Lord’s name”…. In one of his elegies, Ephraim of Bonn described not only the ardor and the zeal of Abraham in immolating his son, butchering him on the altar,”.. -P205 Bloody Passover

“The Jews in Germany who, during the first crusade, sacrificed their own children ‘as Abraham sacrificed Isaac his son’, were perfectly convinced that their own blood, together with that of the two other sacrifices –circumcision and the Passover lamb – all offered to God in abnegation, would not be lost, but would constitute the powerful fluid from which the well-deserved and predicted revenge and the much-desired Redemption would ferment.” – P212

On P224, the author goes on to expound how the blood of murdered children was used to wash away Pharaoh’s leprocy.

“The obligation to procure blood and to use it during the Passover ritual was the exclusive responsibility of the head of the family,..” ….”The evening before Pesach, when they stir the dough with which the unleavened bread (the shimmurim) is later prepared, the head of the family takes the blood of a Christian child and mixes it into the dough while it is being kneaded,” – P260. The author goes on listing accounts of Jews, especially in the region of Nuremberg, would use human blood in their Passover rituals. “The head of the family takes a bit of the blood of the Christian child and drops it in his glass full of wine” – P263

“That no text will be found among those Jews, but that it was said among those same Jews and experts in the law, and that they handed it down from generation to generation in memory, and it was kept secret among those Jews […] and that it was necessary for this blood to be the blood of a Christian boy and not a girl, and that he could not be more than 7 years old” – P281

Chapter 13, the author references how fathers murdered their own wives & children to prevent them from receiving Christian baptism, and how this was justified by Rabies.

Blood rituals in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim was found in uncivilized and utterly ignorant societies. However, only one people, that has never progressed beyond the Stone Age, has continued to practice the blood rite and ritual murder. This people are known to the world as Ashkenazi Jews, or Zionists. Arnold Toynbee, a noted scholar, calls the Jews “a fossil people.”

The book can be downloaded here:

source Thisiszionism

In the following short documentary, the Child Sacrifice amongst Ahkenazi Jewish families. Sacrifice carried out to this day is testified about during an Opra Winfrey Show & other experts give their accounts. YouTube repeatedly removes the video

Vicki Polin, MA, NCC, LCPC, ATR-BC

The lady in the video who give testomony of current day child sacrifice, just as described above, Vicki Polin, runs The Awareness Center, an organization devoted to the issue of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Polin and her board members, who include prominent rabbis and professionals knowledgeable about issues of sexual trauma amongst Jews, assist victims. Jews, from all over the world, contact The Awareness Center for advice, counseling and referrals, says Polin, who puts in 60 to 80 hours a week on the project. About 15,000 people visit their service each month — victims of abuse, called “survivors” in the sexual trauma community, their family members, rabbis, lawyers, law enforcement officials and others concerned about the issue.

Vicki Polin, a counselor specializing in sexual violence, noticed years ago that there seemed to be no Jewish resources for sex abuse victims. Before relocating to Israel in 2001, she attended Neve Yerushalayim, a women’s college in Jerusalem, and saw that people who had been sexually abused had no place to turn. “All these young women started telling me what happened to them,” Polin said. “I started seeing what a problem it was.” said Polin who testified in January of 2008 at the senate hearing in Madison Wisconsin on Senate Bill 356.

A Chicago native, she moved to Baltimore in 2002 and, in 2003, launched the nonprofit International Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault, now known as The Awareness Center. The organization’s goal is to provide resources to victims and educate the general community, but Polin, an incest survivor herself, has also drawn controversy for posting information on alleged offenders, including many prominent rabbis, on the center’s Web site.

After she, together with a volunteer board of directors, began posting information on offenders, “survivors started saying, ‘Why don’t you have my story?’ The same (victims) were talking about the same (offenders), and we started putting the pieces together.”

Although more than 250 rabbis worldwide support The Awareness Center, critics have accused Polin of “lashon ha’ra,” derogatory or damaging speech against another person, which Jewish tradition condemns.

The goal is not just to educate and reach out to victims, Polin said, but also to help abusers. “There’s no proven treatment for offenders. We don’t know what to do, how to stop them,” she said.

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