Republic Broadcasting Network-Zionazi News Network? Spingola Advocates Political Correctness, Censorship Except When She Opens Her Mouth

John Kaminski has been writing about the Jewish takeover of reality for ten years. Before that he was one of the early 9/11 skeptics. First he started calling the culprits Zionists and he was very popular. Then about 2005 … he went through a period of banishment from many websites and lots of radio shows where he had previously been a popular guest. There was a time, in the early post 9/11 days, when he had 7.5 million hits on Google. Then he started talking about Jews and a lot of opportunities dried up. He once got thrown out of an RBN show, being called an anti-‘semite. John has smoked out a lot of phonies and he is still doing it. I am happy to say today there are a lot more people clued into the Jewish control of reality. I think John had something to do with that.

My Comment:  RBN is a Zionazi news network and they always cry for money while actively promoting POLITICAL CORRECTNESS & CENSORING FREE SPEECH.  I do NOT trust Deanna Spingola at all and wonder who is funding her???  She cannot tolerate any criticism of Zionism.  Not Good!  Here is what their logo looks like (below).  Anyone who censors you from speaking out against an evil political party called Zionism is a fake activist.  What Zionists advocate is the wholesale destruction of America.

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