Politician Trump’s Very Legitimate Questions:

According to the US academic, Trump has asked five fundamental questions: “Should the US always be the world’s leader and policeman? What is NATO’s proper mission today, twenty-five years after the end of the Soviet Union and when international terrorism is the main threat to the West? Why does Washington repeatedly pursue a policy of regime change, in Iraq, Libya, possibly in Ukraine, and now in Damascus, even though it always ends in ‘disaster’? Why is the US treating Putin’s Russia as an enemy and not as a security partner? And should US nuclear weapons doctrine include a no-first use pledge, which it does not include?”

My Comment:  Why AREN’T THESE QUESTIONS BEING ADDRESSED BY OUR MEDIA???  I support Trump’s truther comments although I don’t agree with his position on internet censorship (does he have something to hide related to Brian Epstein’s Pedophile Ring and his involvement with Epstein?) or his position on torturing terrorists & their families which could include children & other innocents.  To me these are STASI tactics and I DO NOT SUPPORT STASI TACTICS.

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