G7 Meeting in Hiroshima – No Apology From US As Obama Plans Nuclear War

As the world is driven ever closer to global thermonuclear war under Obama’s escalating deployment of America’s most destructive military forces along the Russian and Chinese borders, the G7 Finance Ministers began meeting today in Hiroshima. An unnamed US official made it clear that, although Secretary Kerry will be visiting the atomic bomb museum, and President Obama may also when he attends the G7 Summit next month, there will be no apology for the genocidal U.S. nuclear obliteration of that city in 1945, killing at least 129,000 souls, virtually all civilians. It must be remembered that America’s last great general, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, insisted to President Truman that Japan was ready to surrender months before the nuclear atrocity, and, had he been asked (which he wasn’t) he would have informed the President that the bombing was totally unnecessary. The problem then, like now, is the influence of the British-created FBI over Truman, who was instructed to use the bomb as a means of terrifying the human race into submission to imperial dictates — emphatically including the US population, which suffers from that fear still today.

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