If you’ve seen Jim Stone’s comments on his website mentioning this website you may be wondering what is happening. Right now a certain Wall St too-big-to-fail bank has initiated lawyers against this website. Do you want to know what I think? Immediately reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act and completely shut down and remove Wall Street from both New York City and the U.S. mainland. Wall Street is a fork of the New Venice Empire headed by New Venice (City of London/Westminster) vermin with a Satanic history going back to Venice and ancient Samaria. Long live the BRICS New Development Bank as Prometheans Vladimir Putin and Xi JinPing start to free the world from the New Venice Zeusians. Wall Street is now totally bankrupt and it’s irreversible. Wall Street will soon be renamed Collapse Street. I’m calling on all American patriots to demand the U.S. joins the BRICS and removes Wall St proxy Obama using the 25th Amendment.

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