Some more points on Steve:

1) He hated IBM with a vengeance and considered them a literal threat to freedom good times and the American way. He saw them as Nazis (not knowing that his intuition was spot on). He has always been a freedom lover and a lover of the ideals sold about America true or not. He had an instinctive dislike of the IBM company and boards throughout their existence. If you watch his 1984 Macintosh presentation he mentions them repeatedly in his speech as though they are the most ignorant dinosaur assholes on the planet and he’s right. Nazis are dumb as shit. Why else would you be a Nazi and not work for freedom, peace love etc. Because of being dumb. He looked at it that way.

2. He is a music lover. He started iTunes from instinct as he does many things. He is going AGAINST universal and many other companies and against the centralisation of power of the main companies. He caused a rift and caused them to lose ground but, they thought they can eventually control him, and when they saw his weakness, they came on board with apple.

3. Universal stopped being a splinter for apple when a) AL GORE was brought onto the board of directors : poor steve must have bought the global warming crap and also was getting attacked by Greenpeace a lot, so he must have thought it would be good for apples image to get the green monger (al gore) on side. Bad move. Rat in the pantry. Universal also seemed to ease up their fierce and unrelenting opposition even in the face of massive revenue losses when steve GOT SICK for the first time. a rare and usually untreatable form of pancreatic cancer or cyst was treated and he basically escaped on a like 1 in a million chance.

I’m telling you people they are doing satanic curses on him or some kind of other method which effectively amounts to the same thing. Send the love as they are hitting him where he is unconscious in his parental wounds. Curses always contract with the victim in their unconscious and get it to AGREE TO DIE. Nothing is beyond our own choice here. Just remember that.

4. He has now been losing weight, wasting away. This is deep child hood pain that is being capitalized on by the evil doers as I shall call them. Call them the occult lawmakers.

5. Universal (the most evil of all the media companies involved with itunes) finally came on side when this started to all happen recently.

6. Infiltration at Apple: Apple laptops are black when steve returns, and become WHITE. This is an unconscious thing on his part I believe, it’s his instinct. He is selling something that he believes is GOOD. He is not operating on reversed symbolism but on the straight kind. Don’t laugh at this part think about the timing and the situation first. Now, the imacs which were always colours then white, the more “pure” symbolic colour, are now BLACK. [edit and disclaimer I just thought in case there are any morons out there who think this has anything to do with race I love black people and all people coloured or white plus black people are brown dammit and skin colour has nothing to do with energy colour and ITS meaning we all know the whitest man can be the blackest devil and visa versa or whatever] Moreover the Apple symbol itself has changed from an always white or grey to black. When viewing energy black is bad it is a cancerous energy and usually preceedes cancer in the body, white is pure and grey symbolises fear or slow moving energy. When Steve was booted out, Apple changed to purchasing IBM and MOTOROLA chips. Steve would have hated that!!! When he came back, at the next feasible opportunity he dumped IBM and went for INTEL. Not that intel is holy, but I think he really has it in for IBM he just thinks they’re garbage. And they are. He also particularly pissed off the establishment by flying black and white pirate flags outside of Apple in the early days. He was saying I’m the pirate to your shipping lanes I’m here to destroy your little empire. I think he did this instinctively but not consciously knowing that Bohemian Grove worship the pirate Le Feyete and again, IBM board members were going to the Grove at that time, and probably now, and it would have been like a big F U to them and really pissed them off. Hence Apple was infiltrated and the technology was stolen and given to Microsoft, and Apple lost the case with MS because of the judge was in on it. It was a controlled affair. They said no way this maverick is gonna have this power that is coming down, we need to control this and make it suck. And they made Windows and it was designed to piss everyone off. Can you imagine how much frustration and anger and just lost work and time *as well as at the same time dependency* the windows system has created in the world? The occultists would have got a blast out of that and probably still do. Windows sucks!

7. Most relevantly that everyone seems to have missed. This is the big one from the occultists point of view. iTunes music store does one thing that Steve secretly covets as his most valuable contribution but does not tell anyone this – and he should as it will create controversy that will give him some energetic protection from the occultists who have a direct hold on his reality right now: It provides for cheap, simple and almost risk free independent submission of music to the store, globally, by artists and although many other systems do this itunes is the big one – it’s the walmart and artists are getting their music on to it completely without any involvement from a record label. This is unheard of! This is like walking into the giants cave and pissing on his mouth while he’s sleeping. They do not like you re opening a door they spent 50 years making sure could never be opened again. All music is now sun cult owned and controlled. Nobody gets a deal without being mind controlled or a willing criminal puppet of the brainwash monarchy. But now Steve gives a global avenue for real musicians to design their own non brainwashing free thinking artwork, their own lyrics, musical production techniques and software.

8. All music that is “mastered” gets processed by a particular device called a Waves ultramaximiser. They have a hardware version and software version. It is a specific piece of software that does one job well. It increases the digital volume of the recording for distribution purposes, and in doing so uses very clever mathematics to make the volume very loud potentially, while reducing the dynamic range of the existing music, but doing it in a way that perceptually you don’t hear the difference. This is key. What is also does is a process call dithering which is again for distribution purposes and increasing “perceived resolution” of the recording. It is actively introducing a noise layer into the recording, and then shifting this noise layer along with any existing digital aliasing into a frequency range the ears don’t hear. What is this frequency noise pattern they are introducing into the music and then shifting into a range the human ears don’t hear but that is interestingly still a frequency range re produceable by loud speakers and stereo systems and therefore, still audible by the brain (the brain will not decode it audible but the ears are known to be able to hear frequencies that are much higher than we are supposed to be able to hear, just like mind control victims can see better than 20/20 vision). Now ask yourself. Where was this software written that is supposed to be this rosetta stone of musical production – the final touch on EVERY record for the last 20 years, and considered indisposible and one of a kind irreplaceable processor to go on every recording, every broadcast, voice or music. LA? New York? London? what about Hollywood? Lucas films? No: It has been created by mathematicians from Israel.

Nice one eh…

So what Steve has is the wal mart platform for people to send music that is of a broadcast quality music that does not use this processor.

What it does to the music is squash it and kill the energy, and I’ve heard this many times. Now one of the major ways they have controlled culture is through music, and Steve is against that 100%. I think he loves music and appreciates the art of music more than movies and computers put together. I think he considers that music helped him to wake up and be a freer minded person and wants to ensure that is protected. I think he knew what he was doing when he created itunes and was following spirit. I do not think he is illuminati OR a satanist at all. But he is in the middle of their world. A light in the dark.

When he was getting powerful at Apple they hated him unbelievable. He had angry rants because of how much hatred and evil they were directing at him. Eventually as has been said they got rid of him with the marketing director (read brainwashing illuminati main man) from PEPSI

and here is where it gets really interesting.

Have you heard about the subliminal in Pepsi. If you turn Pepsi can upside down, it says IS DED or IS DEAD right?? What is dead. What behind the word PEPSI or ISDED. RED WHITE AND BLUE LOGO. So it reads: Red White and Blue is Dead. What is the red white and blue? THE USA.


They are announcing, just as they did with the one dollar bill when they said their new world order was established, they are now announcing with obamas logo, and announcing that with Obamas arrival, the USA is now DEAD. It is done, accomplished and finished as far as they are concerned.

Crazy? Check it out for yourself, for me, there is no mistake about these coincidences, and intuition confirms.

Paranoid? Nah. I think the people who are manufacturing this are the biggest insecure losers who think they need to control everything, and it’s just so sad.

Steve Jobs, in apple, well informed, protected, would do a lot of good for freedom lovers.

It is my understanding that the FBI / CIA could not hack apple computers when they first started becoming popular again.

The world wide web was written using OSX in an early form due to it’s object oriented system that made it possible. The world wide web could not have been written for another 20 years without Steve Jobs contribution. He is the father of the father of the world wide web in my opinion. It’s that direct. Look at what the web has done for the truth movement. Know them by their FRUITS!

His use of the Apple symbol is for two reasons: one for Newtons apple that fell on his head that symbolises to the uninitiated as he is, the light of a good idea, inspiration, not lucifer or any of that crap, but also, it’s got a bite out of it, and yes that pertains to his rejection of establishment which was to say I reject the establishment meaning orthodox control – including religion. He is not saying I am with the devil but rather he is saying I don’t believe in the devil, and I believe knowledge is the way, and therefore, eat of the tree of knowledge and be free. He said he knew that information would be the future and whoever controlled information would control the world and he saw that these fat nazi business bastards were controlling the means to control information in particular by keeping it impossible for the average person to use. So he decided to humanize computers and that was the inspiration for Apple Comptuer that is NOW called Apple INCORPORATED or CORPSE and it is NOW infiltrated and they are modelling it to be used as a fascist tool but I just wanted to point out that it was NOT that until recently and this only started to become a problem about 3 years ago.

Until some time ago I don’t know when there was a story that the military were using Apples for their most important stuff because they were that much harder to hack. I believe they simply didn’t have anyone who was up to speed on it particularly in the mainstream of military or CIA intelligence that is. I’m sure they knew how to get in if needed, and there’s always network over power I don’t know if anyone has heard of that. It’s when you can access a machine through the power cable. Very real.

But from a big brother perspective they need disseminated technology and know how as to how to access these machines, for sure they now know how to but the designers at apple are generally good people to my knowledge they have written the software without back doors and many are very loyal to steve. But not all and new jobs were created recently that I believe has allowed at least one person (all you need) to get into the organisation and plant code that has disseminated through software updates to most apple machines that now allows easy watching of everything you do by the agencies to what degree I don’t know.

This has all be able to happen because steve has been absent. He’s a sharp guy, he loves his “baby” the company and would smell a rat in his sleep from a 100 miles away and find them. He won’t want to go through losing the company to illuminati again. The fact they are having such a hard time and having to starve him by energetically preventing his body from being able to assimilate food shows that he is a VERY strong spirit against them indeed! But they are winning.

Here are some others they have got rid of in the way they are now trying to do to Steve and they are STRONG people but how quickly they got rid of them compared to how steven is damn well hanging in there: This is my opinion looking at this, Aaron Russo, Bill Hicks and there have been a bunch of others but those two spring to mind, and the last step is always assassination they only do that with high profiles if it’s a planned sacrifice or there is no other option such as with john lennon it was a case of no other option they couldn’t get rid of him his energy was too strong so they also tried to make it a sacrifice as well. Nothings perfect. They don’t own the system or the universe, they are just working within it.

The other one which concerns me is ron pauls wife – they will not go after him yet as he is too high profile and he is also spousing certain philosophies which will be sold heavily as part of the world government. It is going to be heavily sold as extremely benevolent – the human race arriving at it’s heavenly golden age of freedom at last. They will even promote a semi fiat money system tied to gold! So he’s kind of useful to them now, and they know that there is not much more he can do since as I said “PEPSI…”, meaning they already think the USA is unrecoverable as a democracy – unless people wake up. So they don’t like Paul still but they will try to slow him down with his wife as she is the less strong of the two spiritually right now.

They have occultist assigned to certain people all the time. Many times when somebody who is strong, bright, speaking out, they assign somebody to that to give them something. Usually if the person could know what was being done, it wouldn’t hurt them, and this is very dangerous for the person doing the cursing, because it will backfire, so they only choose unknowing victims they need it to work on the subconscious not the conscious. If they can do that they can cause an accident, or cancer is a popular one since the material for cancer is so prevalent, they just need the complicity of the subconscious of the person from some very low vibration they are holding in their field, and they can manifest the disease. Once a person has it, they will of course then start to make it worse consciously “oh my god i have cancer,” then they get chemo or traditional medicine – man they are finished. you know?

Another one they are doing this to is Patrick Swazy. sounds crazy but honestly that man should not have cancer : cannot everyone feel that? It’s not right somethings not right: it’s the occultists. He is a free thinker trust me on that one, and a good hearted person. His work in the movie Ghost was one of those movies that slipped through their net. It is VERY accurate in it’s portrayal and it is knowledge and information the occultists would of preferred was not brought out in that way. They want fearful paranormal movies like vampires nasty ghosts and all that, but the movie ghosts was a bit like the matrix in that sense it brought a lot of awareness for very little effort through the story. The guy who made that is real interesting – the writer – he went to tibet after being fed up with american materialism and just wanting to go searching. he went all over china tibet and india and he learned a lot especially from a monastery in tibet in particular and he brought back this real knowledge and he said he came back to America just suddenly realising “it was time” and wrote the script and put all this knowledge and information into the story. They did not forgive him for that (the occultists). They’re so selfish and very ignorant and they really insecurely believe that for example if you are famous like an actor, they own you, that you are literally famous because of them, and you owe them everything you have. They’re not very bright (pun intended).

The other one they have just got rid of was Heath Ledger.

Director of the last movie heath ledger was in is directed by Terry Gilliam: a truly crazy lunatic. He wrote the illuminati hit piece mind job 12 monkeys which is a psychological brain wash to try to subvert the dissemination of the knowledge of the concept of the 100th monkey syndrome and the idea that if you have information you will die with it. Not nice. I don’t like him. He also wrote Brazil. Also a movie that conveys apparently liberating concepts but in a format that leaves you feeling that you have no chance of survival and are ready to live in Orwells surveillance society. Not good again. Very bad mind control material, directed at free thinkers and truth seekers particularly. Most people wouldn’t even pay attention.

But I read an article today where he says (Terry Gilliam) “I have been offered a BAFTA award and I never have won anything I don’t know why”. To know why, check out the exposes on this new movie and how it is the biggest most full of illuminati brain washing and masonic symbolism movie ever made in the history of brainwashing movies, and it even has heath ledger as the sacrificial lamb to annoint the movie with blood. Gilliam said: “I guess they are giving me this movie because of all the terrible things that happened on it lots of bad things happening” Yeah, like Heath Ledger getting murdered in that room… and all he can think about is himself. Very selfish. He sayd “but I roll with the punches” (paraphrased) He then says and I quote “I’m a lizard”


Why sacrifice Ledger 1) it was potent energy for this Gilliam movie that is getting crowed with awards because of it’s service to the Illuminati agenda but also 2) Anyone see the last Batman Movie with Heath. It is heavy brainwashing – the Dark Knight (just in time for Obama) the use of the black horned figure as being the bringer of justice and salvation – the vigilante who breaks the rules because it’s good. black is white, white is black etc. He’s a rich elitist in real life, into black ops technology and military hardware. Then you have ledger playing the demonic clown – making us just LOVE psychopaths and empathize with them and yeah the whole thing is absolutely a mind job a hollywood mind job. But something happens in the movie that is another one of those “slip through the nets” things. they are NOT all seeing, and not omnipresent. they want to be, and more importantly they want you to think they are. They are not. What slipped through. Who is the real hero of the movie. The “average” people on the boats (citizen ship). When the time comes in the movie when they have to choose to blow up one boat and not the other, neither one chooses to do it, they choose to have faith in each other, and more than that, they choose to do the right thing, even in the face of death. I really felt that was unexpected as I watched the movie in general disgust. I sat up at that, I felt the energy was radically different, it did not fit the movie, It felt “wrong” in the right way. I thought “hmm, that’s weird” the black cat – somethings changed for the better. And it did convey a strong message to people in something that was massively hyped.


This pissed off the occultists big time. They were freakin MAD that their special Obama black knight project of the saviour of the corrupt gotham has a spliter of light shining through into people consciousness, hijacking itself into the distribution and promotion of that film that they could not afford to trash – it was too important in the timing of things and they could not have done so well with obama without it. (don’t forget TWO FACE with his COINs – you lose either way – the FED the two faced federal reserve. Does the dark knight save us from the fed? Somebody still dies as I recall – innocent woman? Could it be Liberty that was sacrificed by the Fed, and that the dark knight could not save us from? Anyway, what happened as a result of this consciousness streaking naket through the middle of the film… the actor who played batman was overcome with some “nasty” vibration and hit is mum or sister (can’t remember)! Bad for your career eh! “That will teach you to be a part of something we didn’t OK – remember we own you!! you’re famous because of US precious….” and of course, Heath Ledger, after his use, killed with the double purpose of sacrifice in his case. For the batman actor it was a warning to others as was heath. Fear and control. Why was that incident heavily publicised in the wake of the movie? It was to teach him not to let that happen again.

For, Batman spoke the truth in that movie. Even of the prisoners chose to do the right thing, showing their humanity, their light, their ability to choose, that they are not programmed robots who will always commit crimes. They commited statute legal crimes but not moral crimes most of those prisoners. They have not harmed others only the state, and the state can’t be harmed by them as the state is not a living flesh and blood entity. (Remember most prisoners in the USA are there for no real crime – they have done nothing wrong but posses a herb or some small quantity of narcotic. That’s nothing compared to the mega sized criminal activity of one George Bush Senior alone. Don’t even need to mention anyone else. All criminals incarcerated in the USA – I consider will swapping them for George Bush Senior. So, just remember although some of them are murderers, rapists yes, sure, lock them up you have to. But the majority are just money for the prison system another way to fleece the country.) Batman spoke the truth when he said “They’re not like you” and in that line the energy is specifically unconsciously speaking of the illuminati. He shows that the joker made a mistake of judgement. And that is true. This is real truth here in this movie. the yin within the yang and visa versa. don’t dismiss it because it was in a silly movie. It’s still relevant in that it was disseminated to many people and was not meant to have been by their plans. And this shows how the illuminati are wrong. It’s true: we are NOT like them. We will not choose the way they think. I feel that. Humanitie’s choice is yet before it.

Sure they will sell the NWO to the third world by giving them instant wealth of the first world nations as and when they join up. They will be clamoring for it. I hear Alex Jones saying “I don’t know how they will think people will agree to it” a) much the third worlds have crap countries that shit on them why wouldn’t they give that up b) they won’t give up their borders or name of country in name only, but sovereignty yes, but I mean it’s not like they’re going to end their country in their mind they will still have it. They will not beg, they will run for it. They will love it. And we, in the first world, we will understand, and we will not judge them for this, we have no right to. We have unknowingly lived off the third world by agreeing to the illuminati’s system. (I contend that in the spiritual law, they are still the responsible party not us – they seem to think that by tricking us they pass the karma to us??) Once those massive trading blocs are part of the one world system, the EU will join. Who will not – they will be denied trade their governments will crash the fiat system. Quietly while selling the benevolents, any resisters will be infiltrated from the inside out and brought down.

But don’t worry even if the world government is a success and they even microchip everyone by force, you can be sure of one thing, the energy it will generate will not be to their liking. They will eat each other and not be able to stop them selves, and humanity will have freedom one way or another it is our destiny not even microchips can stop that although I agree, it will be extremely unpleasant for anyone who joyfully and with complicit willful ignorant asks for their chip. That is a bad idea. They will be tortured extremely before the end due to the spiritual state you need to be in to do something so ignorant.

If you have seen the gates of hell as I have you will know that there is a sign over the various gate ways that say “All Souls Forever” and a counter clockwise spinning symbol over the door ways. It is a real place but we are not going there. The lizards will go there, be right at home and once they get inside, they will say “hey, we were wrong”. They will even have the freedom to leave but will be compelled to stay just like Smith in the matrix until they learn. They will learn. Love them. Hell is worse than any movie you could imagine, and it is even worse than anything that can be imagined on Earth, it can only be experienced in Hell, and you only need to get near the gate to realise that, I don’t know how somebody could even ever go inside. It’s on thing to imagine it another to see it. Perhaps for greater beings, it is nothing, a trifle, their light is so complete and strong, they could walk in there, and probably bring a half a dozen souls right out with them and raise them up enough to be free of that place, but well that’s my point of view anyway.

Steve Jobs is not illuminati, he’s a real free thinker and a maverick that side of him is not just marketing. He’s a genuine human being and a music lover which speaks volumes about the character of his soul. I ask that everyone who cares for a fellow brother in the family of humanity to put aside any judgement about whatever worthless currency he may have and just realize that he’s a good human being inside and has indeed been instrumental in changing and forcing the illuminati to alter their plans more than once and they DONT like dealing with somebody more than once, he’s the only person I know of that has been able to come back like that. They are real pissed about it. I believe it was his spiritual impetus to do the things he has done and has been often guided while he learned as well. IBM was supposed to be the company that controlled the information age, and they were going to be the ones implementing information control and tracking on everyone (hello, IBM owns verichip). So he stole that thunder from them big time. the universe said this guy is going to carry this for a while. Xerox… they didn’t know what to do with the mouse and graphic interface. He came along and bought it – they thought it was worthless because IBM couldn’t understand what the hell anybody would want with that. They only understood programming and control. Steve hates THAT kind of control. he’s a control freak in the right way – not wanting to let wrong or crazy people screw up your vision. I’m ok with that. In that way, you NEED to be a control freak. That’s different.

There has been luck working on the side of the information age to make sure we all get the amount of information we need to break the CAGE open. One day it won’t matter, but the light has said no we’re not going to give the illuminati a free reign with no oppositional force. Of course the light could step in and just wipe the dark away in the next instant. It is about our learning and we are the ones responsible here, but there is also the universal infinite wisdom force as well that is flowing through everything and it has opinions and it can act as well as we all can *through us*.

If you want to see Steve, just check out the light in his eyes here when he introduces the mac. Remember, he didn’t have the knowledge that we now have. he was running on instinct and a basic intuitional dislike for establishment and their dangerous causes. He knew they were BAD. IBM was making numbering machines to help the Nazis track and exterminate people more effectively. And for anyone who hasn’t seen (funny I thought everyone had seen this) the Macintosh advertisement he made in 1984 where it says “Find out why 1984 won’t be like 1984” what a great advertisement – the woman slinging the hammer into big brothers face and destroying the screen and all the zombies getting BLASTED by the white light. It’s AWESome come on you have to think back to the time it was made and realise how phenomenal it was really saying screw you establishment, no Orwellian world and I’m going to be the way to put a spanner in your plans. Egotistical? Sure? Arrogant? YES! But it was 1984 man everyone was egotistical and arrogant He was making history a young guy full of insecurities and enormous dreams that were coming true. An evil IBM and illuminati hating your guts and wanting your demise and you don’t understand how deep the rabbit hole goes? That’s a roller coaster you need to hang on to very tightly. He fell off, but he got back on again smarter. However, he is now in danger for his physical vehicle and there are also spiritual consequences. So ask for him to receive assistance.

What do you think?

Here’s the link:

Remember he was a university drop out (which he says was good luck). Make sure you watch until the end so you can see the 1984 advertisement at the end very good moment in history. Not all of history is illuminati controlled. I have thought about that a lot and it is paranoia think that it is. They don’t have a control on everything otherwise we would already all be chipped, with a single global government for the last 50 years. Have hope. Pray for Steve!! He’s one of the good ones in a top spot and for them to do this means they don’t know how else to deal with him. When they turn to their occultists for help, that means everything else has failed. Remember how they tried to sully him with the SEC stuff about the stock options, and that went on for years and they weren’t sure if he would go to jail, then they found out that INSIDERS had doctored the books and although they tried to get dirt on him it didn’t work? I could go on and on, but I have already written heaps so that should be enough to make my point. I really care about this guy I think his spirit is really good and honest and he’s not of the dark alliance at all so that being the case as with any of you, I think we should all give our best for each other, all the love in the world and gratitude for any and all beings who are here with love and truth it’s the least we can do for each other especially “one of us” who is in a position of power when there are almost none there anywhere.

By the time the macintosh was actually released they were already at him for the previous announcement. His energy was already highly eratic, and already very very distressed, and upset, soon after, he was ousted from the company. they used occult magic to do this to him. when they thought his memory was dead and buried, he managed to take a few guys from his team and go and build osx, which was used to build the world wide web. Thanks Steve!! We can now watch alex jones and david icke and truth documentaries with this transmission system we control (for now) thanks to his visionary idea of people owning their own content and not IBM. Remember if they had killed him in a plane crash or whatever, they don’t like doing that when it’s in the public eye because they always get nervous that people will just “see” what really happened, and they had already done that way too much it might be obvious and was not necessary. Better to kill his spirit by killing the company which is what they did before milking it despite the good efforts of the employees, but he managed to survive that although he became so depressed and distraught that he nearly gave up. BUT HE DID NOT. You can see his distress in this presentation and the way those around him were deluded with over inflation of his ego. A lot of imbalance all around him (for those looking) UNLIKE the previous unexpected announcement where he is beaming with joyful energy at stickin it to IBM and clocking one up for freedom: Here you can see him very distressed, speaking very fast, very uneasy and uncomfortable like he’s very AFRAID. FEAR! poor kid. the whole marketing is over the top as well it killed the true spirit of the previous stuff. Vangelis music? Please… illuminati. bow tie, silly music… poor kid… somebody is hating him hard. You could say he always wears a black turtle neck now to make sure he will never wear something silly like that again

No we would not even have had windows, or the internet if not for Steve jobs fighting the dark. It’s the truth. You would need a degree to operate a computer. Now, of course NOW the illuminati would like to say “it was our plan all along – the graphical user interface, the internet yeah that was us” but it wasn’t they aren’t that good.

also this one is good:

watch him: he’s a real human being. compare to THIS:

and don’t forget the number 2 from Microsoft since the beginning, if Bill Gates was the brains behind Microsoft (he’s not he was just given the job) then Ballmer is undoutedly the Gorilla BRAUN and man, I apologise to all Gorillas for using that example I think Gorillas in the wild are beautiful majestic beings but, it’s just an expression you’ll have to forgive me. Check this out to see what kind of madness resides at Micorsoft around the time Steve is getting his second wind: ie stealing it back from Microsoft: (and see how they copy Steve jobs format for presentation with the upbeat music and stuff, but in a completely demented distorted way that worships before the golden calf and lusts for all things material and transient.

Just to give the same historical perspective here is Ballmer around 1986. Watch as windows steals all of Steves hard work to stop evil corporations controlling the information. Why did Gates and Ballmer get all the help from the courts and many other sources including technical to beat Steve and steal the market from Apple and get away with technically stealing the operating system (albeit distorted and heavily inferior clone) Because they agreed from the beginning to allow the government and the agencies to have full access to the code, to build numerous back doors and to basically be illuminati sluts and ensure that they were just middle men, and for that they got to keep the money OR DID THEY…. WHY is Gates investing all this money in AIDS drugs for Africa “Come on Bill we OWN you, did you really think we would let you keep all that money and not use it to give back a little”.

And the masses BOUGHT IT and empowered Microsoft one of the most evil corporations in the world used for a great deal of evil. Eavesdropping way before this recent awareness of it – of course.

What I’m saying is that Apple IS already infiltrated in the engineering department AND in the boardroom, energetically and physically. and now they are working to get rid of Steven jobs and run the company “in his memory” turn him into a SYMBOL and a MARTYR of cancer or whatever illness they will say he had – he is not sick except from occult work to drive him to death. then apple will be perverted and turned into a truly satanic orwelling mind numbing controlling homogenized entity and Steve will roll in his grave. I’m typing these words hoping that he feels it through the ether and gets mad enough to get strong and find the love inside and come back.

Of course it doesn’t matter, America is crashed already, there is nothing that can be done about that except to recall all the illegally printed money in circulation and have a massive peaceful grass roots over throw of the entire government and Washington but it will need every person in the country to participate with good awareness of the facts: so as i said, not going to happen. America will likely fall, this isn’t about Apple computer, or fighting or whatever just the point that you know , it would be nicer to have Steve running the place than Satan.

Thanks if you read this far! Wishing Infinite Wisdom pour light into this world and onto all of us like never before in a giant orgasm of liberty pleasure and realization of the wonderful beautiful planet and universe we are a part of and co creator of may infinite wisdom liberate us and wash us clean and fill our souls with love that we may transmit it to the whole planet and be liberated and awakened into pure joy love and understanding, prosperity for all and peace forever. We should have technology that has liberated us by now and population is not a problem, We can easily clean the mess of the pollution up with our technology let alone what technology has been suppressed. Friendship and understanding with nature and the animals. Steve would be a great spirit to have living in the world if the new world order goes down to hell and is dissolved and energetically recycled into purity and we are left here in this world to do good things and create the first years of Earth paradise for our children and theirs. Did you ever eat a really fantastic piece of organic fruit and just say Oh GOD that’s what living on this world is about. I’m not even talking about loving making yet… You know? So much to enjoy in life. Love will triumph over Evil. It is the way of things. Pray for this guy he’s alright. I’m personally appreciative of the good fight he’s put up purely largely from instinct and just good taste Hope this was the in depth article you were looking for on this to be convinced. Forgive spelling and other mistakes, I type very fast and no time to check over it. You’ll live.

Remember Love Loves to Love Love. Love it!

PS one more thing: there are a whole lot of other synchronicities and angles and details to the story I haven’t even had a chance to go into yet here – you could write a whole book on this and in the end you would say it’s true – but I hope this was enough to get the general picture of the situation.

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