From an American Psychic’s Blog-same information as ExSatanist

China owns us already and they want to own the world. Here’s the thing. I don’t see them wanting to destroy the United States. They want to own it, they want to come in and take over.  Yes, I see a takeover. Whoever they have to kill in the process, they will. They expect us to conform, they are very disciplined. It’s black and white with them. You follow orders or face severe consequences.

I see the Chinese taking U.S. citizens and putting them in the Ghost Cities that they’ve built. Look them up, the first time I saw them, I got goose bumps. These Ghost Cities of China are high-rise internment camps; they were built for forced relocation and incarceration for those Americans that won’t go along with their plans. (The builders of these Ghost Cities had no idea why the Chinese Government was insisting on building these sprawling cities in remote parts of China )

Will America stand up with their right to bear arms and go to war? Yes, America will stand up and yes we will go to war. That’s why we cannot give up our gun rights now. And that’s why our Government wants to take them from us.


My Comment:  This is the same information as I found in this  book (soft copy :  page 106)by Kerth Barker….a very important read!!  Following is a sample:…

3 Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & HighAdept Satanism But the real motivation to become a Satanist almost always has to do with a desire to achieve worldly power.

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