Christians Are Being Murdered by Western Backed Terrorists

“Save our souls. Protect our children and women. Leave us survive in peace.”-words of aa terrorized al-Zahra’a resident

by Eva Bartlett


Saed Mutanus al-Khashoof, from the Christian village of Sadad but living in al-Zahra’a, killed in today’s terrorist explosions. (via Homs News Network)

The terror-ravaged neighbourhood of al-Zahra’a, in Homs, has again mercilessly been hit by western&saudi-backed terrorists’ bombings. Local journalists put the number of murdered at 57 now, some hours after the double-vehicle bombing earlier today.

Russia Today reports:

“The explosions at a traffic light at al-Siteen Street in the al-Zahra neighborhood happened within minutes of each other, witnesses said. …Witnesses said at least one of the two blasts was triggered by a suicide bomber driving a car.

A follow-up bombing after an initial blast is a common terrorist tactic, which allows them to hit first responders, who rush to help victims….”

Al-Zahra’a has been repeatedly targeted by western-backed terrorists, with almost no condemnation from the same leaders who cried for Paris.

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