Rich Jews Bullied Me My Entire Life — Feb 18, 2016

Yet for fear of the Jews no one spoke openly of [Jesus.]   John 7:13

Aki Liao grew up with elite Jews in the suburbs of NYC.
Chinese, he suffered discrimination which continues to this day. Non-Jews must serve them and their agenda or be ruined.
This is another aspect of the tyranny facing mankind.

By Aki Liao — (

Ever since I was a kid, Jews have bullied me. In grade school, they would deliberately exclude me from the kickball teams at recess. They would tease, insult, and humiliate me, encourage the non-Jewish kids to make fun of me, play pranks and ostracize me. Not all Jewish kids were bad, but the ones that were really bad, were all Jewish. They would call me racist names (I am Chinese), and make fun of my clothes.
When I got to high school, a small private school, I started to see a more elite type of Jew – the rich kids whose parents were investment bankers and lawyers in New York. These kids were always wearing brand new Polo Shirts, would get brand new Rolex watches on their 13th birthday and BMWs and Porsches on their 16th.
Because my father died prematurely, I grew up relatively poor and was aware of my mortality at a very young age. This pain, suffering, and loss made me compassionate for the sufferings of others. These Jewish high school children had no such compassion for others. As a rule, they were very arrogant, cruel, materialistic, callous, mean-spirited, clannish, and exclusive.
They would organize lavish parties when their parents were gone, not invite me, and then talk about it all day Monday. Once they even organized a party at my house, which I cleaned up my entire house for, bought food, and waited for these kids, who never came.
Even the teachers seemed to encourage and coddle them. These kids would smoke marijuana in the school gym, pop pills, have sex with girls in the classrooms, but they would never get in trouble or ever be brought in for a disciplinary hearing.
The teachers were afraid of them, or their parents.
However, if I were late for a class because of depression due to my father’s death, I was hauled before the Dean and read the “riot act.” This was my first experience of the disparity between how Jews were treated, and how I was treated, simply because I wasn’t Jewish. The entire school infrastructure, teachers, and trustees protected and encouraged these kids’ behavior patterns, while I was the whipping boy.


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