Phoenix Journal 78


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn



It is through gradual deceit and lies that you have become a planet of people of THE LIE. You have allowed the cancer to grow and gradually work within your joints until you can no longer stand against the beast attacking–you no longer RECOGNIZE the beast–UNTIL TOO LATE! YOU ARE IN THE TRAP, THE TRAP SPRUNG, AND THIS IS HOW AMERICA BECOMES AMERIKA–WHILE YOU ARE NOT LOOKING! Even “THAT” is a facade–for you long since have forgotten or failed to realize WHO HAS BROUGHT THE IRON TRAP UPON YOU.

This very day the speakers relate the happenings of the day in Moscow Russia (Yeltsin retrieving control of the government), to the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. It, therefore, would behoove you to study our material quite carefully for it is important to KNOW who were the Bolsheviks and WHO BROUGHT THIS ANTI-GOD STATE OF EXPRESSION TO YOUR GLOBE! IF YOU KNOW NOT YOUR ENEMY YOU ARE DESTINED TO FALL TO HIM.

Some of the very important topics discussed are: World religions meet in Chicago. The Khazars join the Democratic Party. Update on Demjanjuk – Kol Nidre “Vow of all Vows” – More about White Sands, NM Proving Grounds – More about Stanford Research Center – General Eisenhower’s Death Camps – Bush sons seek Kuwait contracts, magazine reports – Flu shots, be careful – Tesla’s turbine pump–generator – Inherent gas turbine problems —Tesla’s Turbine Pump Generator & The Ultra High Temperature Gas Turbine—How To Respond To IRS—Food/Medical Self-Sufficiency.


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