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California health authorities are increasingly applying police state measures by forcing vaccinations and practicing genetic discrimination – violating constitutional principles and privacy rights.

The state’s schools are now being penalized financially for not enforcing mandatory vaccinations; meanwhile children are being expelled for having a genetic predisposition to certain diseases – even when they don’t actually have the diseases in question.

Despite much controversy and outrage over California’s vaccination laws, it seems that now health officials are emboldened to push even more authoritarian measures regarding the ‘health’ of the state’s citizens.

California has some of the strictest mandatory vaccination laws in the country. Natural News founder Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has written extensively about the bullying and poisoning of the populace at the behest of Big Pharma – in California, particularly.

Adams wrote:

“These people — the ‘vaccine pushers’ — ignore real science and use wildly dishonest tactics of fear mongering, social shaming and blatant lying about scientific facts to demonize informed parents and attempt to criminalize those who pose intelligent, scientific questions about vaccine safety.

“In this way, U.S. doctors, vaccine patent holders (such as Paul Offit), legislators and health regulators are marching America right down the path of medical crimes against humanity — the very same thing we once witnessed carried out by scientists operating under the Nazi regime in Germany.”

Get vaccinated – or else!

Schools in California are now being threatened with financial penalties for admitting “kindergartners who were overdue for their second dose of the measles vaccine.”

From Southern California Public Radio:

“The state acted because its data analysis indicates that many schools are erroneously enrolling kindergartners who are overdue for one or more vaccinations and by law should be excluded from class until they’re up to date with their shots. …

“If children entered school with only one of two required measles shots and had not received their second shot within three months, as required by state law, the guidelines require auditors to verify the students were excluded from class.”

If the students were not excluded from classes, auditors were instructed “disallow the [average daily attendance payment] for any days after three calendar months and ten days from the first dose until the date of the second dose.”

So, either the kids whose parents don’t want to take chances on unsafe vaccines get expelled, or the schools lose funding, creating a no-win situation for everyone involved – except for the state and Big Pharma, of course.

Genetic discrimination in California schools

Equally as disturbing as the mandatory vaccination agenda in California, is the growing trend towards ‘genetic discrimination.”

The recent case of sixth-grader Colman Chadam – who was kicked out of school because of his DNA profile – has raised grave concerns regarding privacy, medical ethics and the extent of the government’s increasingly meddling role in regulating health.

As reported by Wired:

“The situation, odd as it may sound, played out like this. Colman has genetic markers for cystic fibrosis, and kids with the inherited lung disease can’t be near each other because they’re vulnerable to contagious infections. Two siblings with cystic fibrosis also attended Colman’s middle school in Palo Alto, California in 2012. So Colman was out, even though he didn’t actually have the disease, according to a lawsuit that his parents filed against the school district. The allegation? Genetic discrimination.”

As unbelievable as that case may sound, the article warns that genetic discrimination is a term that we’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

According to bioethics expert Michelle Lewis: “As we do more screening earlier and earlier in life, there’s potential for misuse of information in ways that are harmful, that could potentially discourage parents from seeking genetic testing even if it’s medically indicated.”

The corporate-owned state seeks to control every aspect of our existence – what we eat, what we think and how we raise our children. It’s aim is to keep us sick, uninformed and utterly dependent.

We do have the power to change the system, but we’d better act together now, while we still have enough brains and health left to accomplish something. Let’s hope it’s not already too late.






Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052901_mandatory_vaccines_medical_police_state_California.html#ixzz3zg7p1Gbj

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Genetic modification of human embryos given the green light in Britain, unleashing a horrifying new era of engineered mutants and human-hybrid monsters

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 05:43 AM PST

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The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has given the go-ahead for British scientists at the Francis Crick Institute to genetically modify human embryos, and it could happen as soon as March 2016. In fact, they’re already in talks with fertility clinics across the country who may be willing suppliers of leftover embryos. The process would entail deactivation of genes in these leftover IVF clinic embryos, which the scientists say will help them to better understand human development, cell division and faulty genetic codes.(1)

According to a spokesman for the HFEA, “Our Licence Committee has approved an application from Dr Kathy Niakan of the Francis Crick Institute to renew her laboratory’s research licence to include gene editing of embryos.”(1)

“We would really like to understand the genes that are needed for an embryo to develop into a healthy baby,” Dr. Niakan says.(1)

Concerns about editing embryos and making ‘designer babies’

However, many people are vehemently opposed to such experimentation. They raise questions about the horrors that could unfold, not to mention the ethical implications involved. They also point out the fact that this is only the second time ever in the world that similar efforts have been conducted; just last year a Chinese research team attempted similar measures and the reception was hardly warm. It was met with massive public resistance and hesitation.(1)

Tampering with embryos and genetically modifying, or “editing” them, has critics rattled, saying that it paves the way for the creation of “designer babies.” Anne Scanlan of the charity, LIFE, is one such person. “The HFEA now has the reputation of being the first regulator in the world to approve this uncertain and dangerous technology,” she says. “It has ignored the warnings of over a hundred scientists worldwide and given permission for a procedure which could have damaging far-reaching implications for human beings.”(1)

Admission that incubator to be used will be shared with others; lock system in question

Interestingly, one such danger includes the unstable nature of the process, as outlined in the HFEA minutes for what the scientists call Project R0162. It states:

The additional research objectives applied for involve the use of an incubator in a room that is shared with other research groups. This incubator does not yet have a lock to ensure that embryos are only used for purposes of the specified research project (RLC R23).(2)

However, wording in these minutes suggests that this is all right. After all, people have the promise that:

This incubator is not yet in use and the PR has committed to inform the inspectorate when a lock has been fitted, and to not use the incubator until this time. The risk of use of embryos for purposes other than the specified research is further mitigated by the laboratory having controlled access and by robust procedures which ensure embryos are only used under the direct supervision of the PR.(2)

And with this promise of “robust procedures” and fitted locks forthcoming, the conclusion is this less-than-reassuring statement:

The inspection team therefore considers that a formal recommendation is not necessary.(2)

So much for feeling secure about something that already oozes unknowns and questionable practices.

Enough with creating fake foods, people and lives

The human inability to resist tampering, and the seemingly collective desire to dive into potentially harmful realms is virtually a given today.

After all, Monsanto is all about their altered seeds and the genetic modification of crops.

GMO foods abound, with labeling debacles in full force.

There are scientists attempting to create lab-grown hamburgers created from cow stem cells. In that instance, muscle tissues are pieced together until an entire burger is made.(3)

Researchers in the United States also have plans to grown human organs inside farm animals. The idea here is for hearts and other organs to be used for transplants. The thought is that growing human tissue by injecting human cells inside sheep and pigs could achieve this.(4)

Fake hamburgers from muscle tissue, human cells in sheep, altered foods on our shelves, and now, the green light to genetically modify embryos.

Is this really the best we can do as a society?

Sources for this article include:

(1) Telegraph.co.uk

(2) Guide.HFEA.gov.uk[PDF]

(3) NaturalNews.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052899_GMO_embryos_Britain_fertility_clinics.html#ixzz3zg697wmu

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