Klayman sues former FDA commissioner Hamburg and J&J over coverup of dangerous drug Levaquin
By Kerri O’Brien
February 8, 2016
RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A federal lawsuit has been filed alleging the former FDA Commissioner who was well aware of problems with a popular antibiotic, but remained silent so she could profit.

8News has reported extensively about patients who say the drug Levaquin, which is often prescribed for everything from sinus infections to urinary tract infections, has been nothing but a prescription for pain. Now, attorney Larry Klayman, known for being a Washington watchdog, filed the suit on behalf of six patients who took the antibiotic Levaquin. It alleges that the former FDA Commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg, defrauded consumers and conspired with Johnson and Johnson, the makers of the drug, to suppress information about the harmful effects of Levaquin for financial gain.

“Tens of thousands of people throughout this Country have been seriously injured and some died as a result of this dangerous drug,” said Klayman.

For more information, contact or (424) 274 2579.

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