My Comment:  Jeb Bush on Issues:  I will support Wall Street, War Mongering, WWIII, Banksters robbing the American People via Dodd-Frank Act bail-in and everything Hillary Supports.  I will pretend to respect women and be a Nazi Racist like my Dad, Grandfather Prescott Bush who funded Hitler, and all the other Nazi Racists scattered within the various European Monarchies, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and other elite criminals & Satanists with an overblown sense of entitlement!  Anyone voting for me will not mind the loss of their life savings (my brother was involved in the Nebraska Savings & Loan scandals and seniors lost their life savings), will not mind losing their pensions as Enron (tied to my brother Georgie) employees did or Deep Horizon disasters (my family members deregulated the oil industry no longer requiring a $500,000 safety valve enabling the Deep Horizon disaster), and other crimes against the American people such as 9-11.  (The Bin Ladens are 30 year friends of my family).  Enough Said???  After all, me & mine simply consider all of you degenerate sheeple who are there for my families fleecing so we need another member of Bush, Inc. in the White House so my other family members will not go to jail for their numerous crimes.

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