LaRouche to O’Malley: Stick to Your Core Message and Be Bold!

Lyndon LaRouche, in discussion with his Policy Committee on Wednesday, January 27, delivered some powerful advice to Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, who has earned the hatred of Wall Street by pushing for the immediate reinstatement of Glass Steagall, the convening of a new Pecora Commission to probe the serious crimes of Wall Street executives, and other measures in the spirit and tradition of Franklin Roosevelt’s emergency 100 Days program.

LaRouche urged O’Malley to stick to his straightforward focus on the Wall Street menace and his action plan for taking down Wall Street. LaRouche described O’Malley, the former Baltimore Mayor and Maryland Governor, as the only candidate of significance that has said anything that fits the purpose of the United States. “He’s the best we’ve got at this point in time,” LaRouche declared. LaRouche candidly noted that O’Malley’s only real weakness is that he does not yet see himself as a leading candidate, and he believes he is short of the needed support to emerge as the Democratic nominee. “He is not certain he has the authority to shoot out as a leading candidate,” LaRouche observed.

LaRouche emphasized that the two other Democratic presidential candidates—Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders—are unacceptable. Hillary Clinton, LaRouche noted, has been going downhill ever since her capitulation to President Barack Obama. Her record, from that point on, has been a fraud. LaRouche described Sanders as an “opportunist,” who will patch some policies together to fool people, but who, in the end, is not credible.

“If those two other candidates are dumped, as is both appropriate and likely, who is left? O’Malley,” LaRouche said. “The key objective is to get O’Malley to see that he has to step in now, and take the position as a leading candidate for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party right now—because the other two candidates are worthless.”

LaRouche made clear that if O’Malley takes that initiative, he can create the conditions for his success, and under those circumstances, he will have LaRouche’s full backing. “The other choices are a farce,” LaRouche reiterated.

LaRouche noted that his own name and history are well known among leading political circles and leaders within the American population. This is a wild card factor in this election.

LaRouche concluded that O’Malley will certainly go further by taking this bold and confident approach, and by sticking to the core issue that is also on the minds of the vast majority of Americans: Sink Wall Street.

LaRouche added that, throughout the trans-Atlantic region, there is such a mountain of toxic debt that it can never be paid, it should never be paid, and it must be immediately cancelled altogether. O’Malley’s call for immediate restoration of Glass Steagall is precisely the needed measure. Then you can do what FDR did: Issue Federal credits to create millions of productive jobs—with not a penny of obligation to Wall Street attached.

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