“humanitarian” Clinton: “we came, we saw, he DIED” cackles like a witch-represents Amerika and Amerikan values????


Clinton for Prison-not president!  She is a demonic illuminati candidate for the psychopathic corporations to keep looting weaker than our countries:  she wants WW3-no concerns about using American patriots for cannon fodder.  She approves of sex slavery (Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien) even using children for sex.  This women is thoroughly evil and I cannot see why Amerikans cannot see through her????  She support economic collapse of the usa-Wall Street Derivatives engineered collapses, sending our jobs overseas with free trade agreements, sex slavery ( sex slaves she’s been documented abusing…see bing.com:  Hillary’s Peril.)   She has become fabulously rich peddling US influence for money, drug smuggling & dealing via governor’s office & via Mena, Arkansas.  She supports mass murder for profit, rape, murder of her opposition (me, Barry Seals-Louisiana drug pilot), etc.

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