Monsanto’s Spy Software to Control the Entire Agriculture Market


We must stop this attempt to create a new and potentially even bigger monopoly. Action Alert!

Monsanto recently reached a deal with Deere & Co. that could dramatically alter the US agricultural market, and not for the better.

John Deere, the world’s largest producer of agricultural machinery, agreed to purchase Monsanto’s Precision Planting LLC equipment unit. As part of the deal, information on crops contained in Monsanto’s FieldView software app, used with the equipment, will send continuous information back to Monsanto. Monsanto will know which farmers have planted which crops, and where.

Importantly, Monsanto has similar deals with two other top producers of similar agricultural machinery, CNH Industrial NV and Agco Corporation.

As Dr. Mercola brought to our attention and astutely points out, access to this information imbedded in farming equipment across the country will give the company “unprecedented insight into market yields of any harvest before anyone else, and this information could allow [Monsanto] to manipulate and reign supreme over the commodities market.”

This is an outrage. The government has done everything in its power to grant Monsanto a monopoly over the seed industry. Now, these technology deals could give Monsanto another monopoly—this time over agricultural information and, through that, the commodities market.

Action Alert! Write to the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and the Commodities Trading Futures Commission, and tell them they must act to stop this outrageous expansion of Monsanto’s monopoly power. Please send your message immediately.



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