5 Technologies Primed to Revolutionize Our Planet

Posted: 08 Nov 2015 03:51 PM PST

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Our beautiful planet, Earth.

A World in Turmoil and… Transition

Our world is no stranger to change, but what we’re about to experience in the near-future may look quite a bit different from today.

Currently, there is propaganda running around the clock to alter the public’s perception on what is true and what isn’t. A proper example: there is actually enough food produced to give 4.3 pounds to every single human being – daily.

It goes far deeper than that, but I will remain fixated on the old, aging paradigm mentality we now find ourselves dominated by. One where the average person believes whole-heartedly that we will never achieve world peace, or harmony. They would also probably agree, that any attempt to end world-poverty, pollution, disease or the millions of other issues we’re facing, are fool-hearty at best. If you fall into this category, make it easy on yourself and stop reading, this information isn’t for you. If not, let’s get into some interesting information and perception.

What if I told you there is enough water and food for everyone, overpopulation is a ridiculous myth and we can (and WILL) have a paradise here? Well, all of those things, are true and Luke Rudkowski‘s phenomenal video details that and so much more. I will not attempt to convince you of these facts, but the links are there for your own research.

If the public were to become aware of these facts, it would absolutely decimate the current dichotomy. Why continue the current program when everyone can have a figurative ‘slice of the pie’? Well, I see this as an inevitable event and once it finally bursts, these technologies may play a crucial position during and after that change:

Technologies of both the Future, and Now


Artist rendering of the Hyperloop, SpaceX

1.) The Hyperloop:

Known as the father of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk is also the creator of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), which is overseeing the project that began in 2013.

Using low pressure metal pneumatic tubes, the Hyperloop will be able to transport people and cargo at around 800 miles per hour, with a cheaper price to maintain compared to the current status quo. HTT recently revealed, the Hyperloop would be completed in only 5 years by 2020, with a one mile test-track already completed. The CEO of Hyperloop Transporation Technologies, Rob Lloyd has also stated that there will be 3 Hyperloop networks instead of just one.

This system has been deemed a 1000x improvement from present public-transportation systems, with other companies and start-ups interested in this technology as well.

Being able to travel from New York to Los Angeles within about two hours, revolutionary.


The world’s first 3-D printed apartment complex, China

2.) 3-D Printing:

Although there are cons, many have overlooked the abilities 3-D printing yields.

These amazing machines have been used to print everything from super-cars, bridges, entire apartment complexes, prosthetic limbs and soon to be human organs. Did I mention the same company that built the pictured apartment also built 10 homes in less than 24 hours? WinSun, also released in a statement:

“This process saves between 30 and 60 percent of construction waste, and can decrease production times by between 50 and 70 percent, and labour costs by between 50 and 80 percent.”

Imagine a world where almost nothing is constructed with our methods of today. Where almost everything has been 3D printed, saving people time and resources which can be expended on other ventures. Some could argue this would get rid of jobs, and it probably would, but am I alone in saying it would be worth it?


The world’s first solar bike path; Krommenie, Netherlands

3.) Solar Roadways

In the city of Krommenie, near Amsterdam, there is 230 feet of solar bike-path (pictured above). Within a few months, the little strip of path produced over 3,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and has been praised as a brilliant success. For perspective, the average American uses 911 kWh per month. That number may seem unimpressive, but if these were placed in every single town and city – what would that number be?

A crowd-funding project successfully raised well over $2 million dollars to further fund their plans to create and implement solar roadways. The benefits could include producing 3 times the energy the United States does now, snow-less roads and customization while still including easy maintenance. Their entertaining video from their Indiegogo campaign is below:



4.) Graphene:

You may not have heard of the amazing material before, but since we’re facing ‘a graphene-driven industrial revolution‘, you probably will. Graphene is made from a layer of carbon, one-atom thick.

Here are just a few examples of what it can do:

* Upload terabits in seconds.

* Charge your cellphone in seconds.

* Cheap and easy desalinization.

* High-power graphene supercapacitors would make batteries obsolete.

* Creating a new bionic device industry, where living tissue can be linked into graphene, enabling people to re-use their limbs after spinal injuries.

It not only can do all of this and more, graphene also happens to be the strongest material in the world.

Clean water and water bubbles in blue

Clean water and water bubbles in blue

5.) Water

Alright, so this isn’t a technology; but we haven’t explored what this gift can truly do.

Water has the ability to power every one of our cars, with inventors like Stan Meyer, Daniel Green and so many others having established this as a feasible science that can be implemented at any time. The company Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. have also invented a hydrogen reactor and this is detailed in their press release. Water is not only a fuel for our body, but it can be for vehicles as well. Once this is understood, fossil fuels would be considered what they should be: obsolete, harmful and primitive.

To Summarize

Inventors from the world over continue to mobilize and highlight their new inventions, many including new energy breakthroughs that can revolutionize our planet. What we have been given I can only see as a control system as that is all it’s good for at the end of the day.

I’m visualizing a future, where everyone had food, water and shelter. Where I can hop into my water powered, 3-D printed, graphene car on the solar roadway to get to a hyperloop that would zip me hundreds of miles to a new city with ease. Or at least, something very similar with that same energy. The fact most people are unfamiliar with these technologies demonstrates why we’re putting up with the current status of things. We truly can and will have a brilliant future on this planet, if we truly want to. It all begins with you, and how much you’re willing to be, the change you wish to see in the world.

By Alec Cope

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