Deputy headteacher at Catholic school is exposed as Peeping Tom after his wife found 1,400 spy videos on his computer and child abuse pictures

Glen Rogers, 46, had a huge haul of hidden-camera films showing women
Collection found by his wife when she was looking for evidence of infidelityPeeping Tom: Glen Rogers
Quits job as deputy head of Catholic secondary school in County Durham
Given a suspended sentence and banned from working with children

PUBLISHED: 12:16, 2 July 2013 | UPDATED: 12:31, 2 July 2013

A deputy headmaster has seen his career and family fall apart after it emerged that he was living a double life as a Peeping Tom.

Glen Rogers, who taught at a Catholic school, had 1,400 videos of semi-naked women who had been secretly filmed.
Police also found hundreds of images of children being abused on his computer when they searched it after his wife alerted them to the voyeuristic films.

The 46-year-old quit his job at St John’s Catholic School and Sixth Form College in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, and has now been given a suspended prison sentence and banned from working with children.

He left the school, which calls itself a ‘learning community guided by Gospel values’, after his arrest a year ago.
Rogers has also lost contact with his family after his wife Vicky kicked him out of their home on an upmarket estate near Stockton and then moved away with their two children.

Last April, she found videos on his laptop of him indulging in sexual activity with another woman, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Three months later, she was attempting to recover the footage when she stumbled across the spy camera films.

They featured secret recordings of four women, showing them carrying out activities such taking a shower, using the loo and undressing themselves.

The videos had been saved onto electronic storage devices, one of which was kept in a wallet next to a pair of women’s underwear.

Rogers, who now lives in Hartlepool, yesterday pleaded guilty to 14 charges of voyeurism and three of making indecent images of children.

He was given a 13-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to go on a treatment programme for sex offenders.

Judge Les Spittle imposed a lifetime ban on working with children, and told Rogers to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Ian West, mitigating, told the court that Rogers was at a low ebb during the six months he made the secret films because his marriage was crumbling.

‘It has been a difficult year,’ the lawyer said. ‘He has lost his job, of course, but he hasn’t simply felt sorry for himself.

‘He has retrained and got himself work. His marriage has broken up, and he hasn’t seen his children in the last 12 months.

‘His wife has now moved to the south of England with the children, and the only contact he has had with them over that past year has been on the telephone.’

A statement from the school said: ‘Glen Rogers has not worked at our school since July 2012 when the matter was first brought to our attention.

‘We have co-operated fully with police during the investigation and have been assured that the activity on which he has been convicted took place away from school.

‘We have an outstanding record on safeguarding and have written to all parents about the situation.’

Mr Spittle told the defendant that his offending had been persistent, saying: ‘It was not just a case of looking at it for temporary titillation.

‘On the other side of the coin is 43 years without any stain on your character. Your friends and associates who have submitted references see the other side of your character.

‘What they didn’t know, and will be shocked to hear, is the dark side of your character.’

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