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Warmongering McCain on Russia’s Success in Syria: ‘US Must Stop Putin’

Warmongering McCain on Russia’s Success in Syria: ‘US Must Stop Putin’

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Russia’s military and political success in Syria is “the latest disastrous turn in the Middle East under the Obama administration – and another humiliating setback for the United States,” such an opinion Republican US Senator John McCain of Arizona, chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Armed Services expressed in his recent article for CNN.

The saber-rattling politician has lashed out at President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for “acquiescing into talks with Russian President Putin” and “rushing into talks with Russia’s military to ‘de-conflict’ in Syria.”

Obama and Kerry see the latest developments in the fight against ISIL as an “opportunity to co-operate” with Moscow and an attempt to agree on ‘fundamental principles’.

Instead, McCain called for Vladimir Putin to be stopped, so that the Russia’s leader could be prevented from “shoring up his partners, crushing ours, destroying our remaining credibility in the Middle East, and restoring Russia as a major power in this vital region.”

The senator then provided one more ridiculous explanation: “Vladimir Putin must be stopped, not least because he will inflame every aspect of this conflict in the process: the refugee crisis, the mass atrocities and the growth of ISIS (ISIL).”

The politician, however, neglected to address the sequence of all the above processes and their true causes.
In the next part of his article, McCain becomes even more hysterical.

Clearly disregarding President Putin’s calls for joint actions against global terrorism, the only thing the politician seems to care about is maintaining US influence around the globe.

“There is an opportunity here, but the opposite of what Kerry suggested. It is an opportunity to impose significant costs on an adversary that wants to undercut the United States everywhere. It is an opportunity to weaken an anti-American ruler who will always view us as an enemy. And it is an opportunity to rebuild US credibility and influence in the Middle East by taking actions, as only we can, to arrest the spread of a regional conflict that is an incubator of global terrorism.”

“We must back up our policy in ways that check Putin’s ambitions and shape his behavior. If Russia attacks our opposition partners, we must impose greater costs on Russia’s interests — for example, by striking significant Syrian leadership or military targets.”

The senator seems to be clearly obsessed with weakening the Russian president.
“We must increase pressure on Russia elsewhere. We should provide defensive weapons and related assistance to Ukrainian forces so they can take a greater toll on Russian forces.”

Mid-rant, the senator revealed some of the techniques the US could use for the purpose.

“To weaken Putin at home and abroad, we should make more information public about the corruption of the Russian leadership, including the president himself, and how Russia uses graft as a tool of state policy.”

“We should ramp up targeted sanctions on Russia. Low energy prices are battering Russia’s economy and currency. We should increase that pain.”

“The United States must lead these efforts with the broadest possible coalition. We will find many willing partners in Europe, which is reeling from the refugee crisis, as well as the Sunni Arab states, which will view a Russian victory in Syria as an Iranian victory. Rather than play into Putin’s hands by undermining our own international efforts to isolate him, we should enhance those efforts to deepen that isolation and balance against Russia.”

McCain is a big fat liar….Russia has not created this refugee crisis but the US has!  We are a disgusting, bloated, fascist country ruled by rapists and pedophiles, yes, rapists and pedophiles and I , for one, can’t understand a huge population like Amerika’s (314 million?) tolerating rule by degenerate perverts as in the Roman Empire-Remember this is the reason they fell:  Corruption.  Remember Henry Vinson’s book :  Confessions of a DC Madam and remember his encounter with Lawrence King and Craig Spence (lobbyist) who were searching for children for the degenerates who like to “murder children for entertainment!”  I wonder if they were talking about Herbert Walker?

The Franklin Coverup Scandal

The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, “Conspiracy of Silence” was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary.

This was the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of the U.S.A. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it.

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” it was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved. You can purchase a VHS copy at this link. Or you can view an online copy at this page. Franklin Cover up video page

Boy prostitutes 15 years old (and younger) were taking midnight tours of the Whitehouse. There are 19 more Washington Times articles in full text about this case available here at this link.
Newspaper scans or text are not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.

The Washington Times, Pg. A3 July 26, 1989 Headline: Secret Service furloughs third White House guard

The story was also covered in the New York Times and other major east coast newspapers,
but because of the links to Whitehouse and control from the top the story was killed..

There are two main suspects in the child ring were Craig Spence and Lawrence E. King Jr. here are some pictures of them. Both were involved in the republican party. King sang the National athem at two republican national conventions during the 1980s. He served time in jail for bank fraud and is now living somewhere on the east coast.. Spence was an important republican lobbyist, he commited sucide. Several of his partners went to jail for being involved in the adult part of the homosexual sex ring. Democrats were also involved in this as well, so don’t expect them to expose the sex ring.

Click on the images above to see full text large scans of the above newspaper and other one more story.

For a good complete overview of this story read
Chapter -XXI- Omaha George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography – by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin
The book is free online text form at this link Chapter -XXI

Decamp also wrote a book called the Franklin Coverup which is available from amazon and other places online. Here is a link to the Amazon page

In the Franklin Coverup book it talks about the possible killing of a child at the Bohemian Grove. Here is the link to scans from the book about the killing.

Update 3/26/2005

Bush Jr. continues in has father’s Homosexual footsteps, by having callboys visiting the Whitehouse. Again the press plays the whole thing down.

You can read a great article about it here. Photographer for White House child sex ring arrested after Thompson suicide

From the article above: “Cable television news reports have recently linked an alleged male prostitute to the present White House since George W. Bush permitted James Guckert to use an unprecedented Secret Service-approved alias (Jeff Gannon) while having access to the White House for two years as a pool reporter serving the younger Bush–before which Gannon had advertised himself on internet pornography sites as a male “escort” charging $200 an hour. [Gannon is the subject of independent news reports which have referred to him as the former kidnapped Des Moines, Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch–forced into child sex-slavery.] John DeCamp told this writer “I believe Johnny Gosch and Jeff Gannon are one and the same person–but I am not in a position to know positively.” ”
“George W. Bush has not explained how Guckert/Gannon–who had advertised himself as a male escort–could apparently operate in the White House as a reporter for two years using a Secret Service-approved alias and regularly be called upon by George W. Bush and press secretary Scott McClellan during nationally televised presidential press conferences.”

More Scans from the Washington Times circa 1989 added below. Showing how the GOP and Democrat Barney Franks were involved in the franklin coverup. Click to read



George W. Bush, the Male cheerleader.

Ever the showman, George W. Bush below, with a group of friends dressed in wigs in a skit

ANDOVER, Mass. — Perhaps there have been other presidential candidates who have dressed in drag, flaunting their legs from beneath a (fairly short) white skirt. But George W. Bush is probably the only one who has done it in front of a camera.

A photograph showing George and friends wearing wigs and employing falsies to fill out their sweaters appears in a yellowed copy of the school newspaper of Phillips Academy here in Andover, near Boston. It was 1963, and George, then a high school senior and head cheerleader.

Bush’s Male chearleader roommate.
You will note in The Atlantic article quoted earlier how “in 1984 Bush flew to Tennessee to accompany the Republican Senate nominee and Bonesman (’67) Victor Ashe on a seven-city tour.” Victor Ashe- besides having been a fellow Skull and Bones member, roommate and cheerleader with George W. Bush – has a public reputation of being a sodomite in Knoxville, Tennessee where he is mayor.

More top Republicans found to be Homosexuals. Mainstream media ignores it.

The Outing: David Dreier and his straight hypocrisy.

Dreier was living with his (Male) chief of staff, Brad Smith. “Brad was like an invisible presence,” she said. “They really have the routine down slick.”
It appears that he is the highest-paid chief of staff to any House committee chair. Smith’s $156,600 salary is just $400 less than that of White House chief of staff Andy Card and Bush political commissar Karl Rove.


David Dreier attends the Bohemian grove as well. Gingrich was travelling with one of his Congressional allies, Representative David Dreier (Republican, Claremont, California), who is seen at the left of the photo above right

Nixon Tape Discusses Homosexuals at Bohemian Grove

Nixon: “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time . . . It is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine”


Representative Ed Schrock… from Virginia, ended his re-election campaign last month after Rogers put on his Web site an audiotape of Schrock trolling for tricks on a gay chat line.

Congressman Ed Schrock returned to Capital Hill this week, a month after announcing he would not seek re-election in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Schrock said allegations made on a website that he solicited gay sex forced him remove himself from a re-election bid.

Newspaper scans or text are not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.



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