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The deep rooted fear of the Cold War has forced the West to resort to illogical actions against Russia and to continue the senseless attempts to demonize it.

The situation in Ukraine became a new excuse for the West to accuse Russia, despite the fact that Vladimir Putin made it clear from the very beginning that Russia has no territorial ambitions, columnist Gregory Clark wrote.

Moscow’s actions were perceived as an attack on Ukrainian sovereignty. Statements about Russian aggression did not end even after the signing of the Minsk Agreement.

Moreover, the anti-Russian sanctions remain in force, despite the fact that the Ukrainian question is gradually eroding.

According to him, this situation remains due to the unification of Crimea with Russia. Clark points out that, historically, the peninsula has always been a part of Russian territory. He said that following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Crimea should have been returned to Russia automatically, Clark wrote for newspaper The Japan Times.

With regard to NATO’s statements on the alleged pressure of Russia on the Baltic States, Clark wonders whether the West is aware of the discrimination the Russian-speaking population faced after the Soviet Union’s collapse.

“Information provided by Moscow on this issue is totally ignored. If such discontent on the part of Moscow is considered aggression, then we need a new definition of aggression,” the journalist said.

“How well does NATO really understand what is going on in the Baltic States?” One of the reasons why the West still continues its illogical policy toward Moscow is ignorance, said Clark.

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