Putin Is Part of the Cabal

Putin and Russia are different and not part of the same global game? You must be joking

The first Global Future 2045 Congress (part of Russia 2045) was hosted in Moscow in February, 2012, when more than 50 of the ‘world’s leading scientists’ met to discuss the ‘future development of humankind’. The arrogance needs no comment, but what was this ‘development’?

Ahh … ‘to construct a global network of scientists to further research on the development of cybernetic technology, with the ultimate goal of transferring a human’s individual consciousness to an artificial carrier’.

A ‘new mankind’ had to be created with a ‘technological revolution’ and ‘social transformation’ achieved through the focus on ‘nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive technology, genetics and robotics’. This would mean new sources of energy, new architecture and transportation and allow ‘unprecedented developments in new cognitive abilities, refined artificial intelligences and brain-computer interfaces, simulate complex systems, create humanoid robots and cyborgs’, and transfer human personalities to an ‘artificial carrier’.

This would require a new civilisation or paradigm, new philosophy and ideology, new ethics, new psychology, new culture, and we must reset our limits to go beyond the Earth and the solar system.

Reset in Moscow in 2012 as they described today’s WEF ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ to create the era of ‘neohumanity’ by 2045-2050. Same, old, same old. Putin and Russia are part of the game.

The Dream

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