Elected six times to the House from the state of Georgia,
Cynthia McKinney cut a trail through Congressional deceit
like a hot ember through ash.

She discovered legislators who passed laws without
reading them. Party leaders who colluded across party
lines against their constituents’ interests. Black-skinned
individuals shilling for the white status quo.

She excoriated government lassitude over Hurricane
Katrina, uncovering dark secrets. She held the only critical
Congressional briefing on 9/11, introducing counter-
testimony of scholars, investigators, former intelligence

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, she
held Rumsfeld to account for malfeasance by military
contractors and missing billions in the Pentagon’s budget.
Then she hammered him on the reasons for the failure of
NORAD air defenses on 9/11.

She read truth into the Congressional Record, held town
halls and hearings, led protests, showed up while others
played along to get along, took the side of the people
against the will of the Party. And when she got too truth
seeking and speaking, the Republicans rigged the
Democratic primaries to boot her out, leaving behind a trail
of achievements mostly won singlehandedly as a result of
her service on the House International Relations, House
Agriculture, House Armed Services, and Budget
Committees and the Select Committee on Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita

But McKinney rose again like a Phoenix, answering the call
to run as 2008 Green Party candidate for President,
challenging the corrupt two-party stranglehold on
American democracy. Then it was on to the Freedom
Flotilla to Gaza, to be seized on the high seas and
imprisoned in Israel. On to Tripoli, to serve as witness to
the NATO terror bombing of Libya. On to Malaysia to serve
on the War Crimes Commission…

Often introduced as the Sojourner Truth, the Harriet
Tubman of our age, McKinney reflects here on the Biblical
figures of Esther, Deborah and Naomi.

This is the Cynthia McKinney saga as it stands to date–
what she saw, what she learned, and how she fought for change.

Editor’s Note
Cynthia McKinney

Bob Fitrakis


NATO’S Feast of Blood
Cynthia McKinney

Living Through a Full-Blown Media War
Lizzie Phelan

Anatomy of a Murder
Cynthia McKinney

Dispatches from Tripoli
Wayne Madsen

NATO Bombs the Great Man-Made River
Mark Metcalfe

America’s Black Pharoah and Black Genocide in Libya
T West

NATO’s Libya War:  A Nuremberg Level Crime
Stephen Lendman


Muammar Qaddafi:  Mad Dog or Brother Leader?
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Why Libya Was Attacked
Stephen Lendman
US/NATO War in Libya: A Continuation of Past Crimes
Sara Flounders

Qaddafi Lynched by US-NATO: A Blow Aimed at All of Africa
Abayomi Azikiwe


The Big Lie and Libya:
Using Human Rights Organizations to Launch the War
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Was the Case for R2P Based on Fraud?
The Universal Periodic Review of Libya  
Julien Teil

Pacifica Radio’s Descent:  From Voice of the Voiceless
to Partner in the Imperial Information War
Don DeBar


Neo-Colonialism, Subversion in Africa and Global Conflict
Dr. Christof Lehman

Petroleum and Empire in North Africa:
NATO Propaganda and the Betrayal of Muammar Gaddafi
Keith Harmon Snow

The Racialization of the War:
Libya and the “Clash of Civilizations”
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya


Muammar Qaddafi’s Speech to the United Nations
General Assembly, September 23, 2009

Chronology of the NATO-led Assault on the Great
Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya:  
A Crime Against Humanity and a Crime Against Peace
Mike Raffauf




The book contains, inter alia, a scathing speech by
Gaddafi, delivered at the United Nations General Assembly
on September 23, 2009. A chronology of the NATO-led
assault on Libya completes the book.This book is a must-
read. It gives its readers a premonition of things that are yet
to come.”  
Dr. Ludwig Watzal, Between the Lines

‘Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they must first
make mad’—and that was how the western powers and
corporate media portrayed Muammar Qaddafi for decades
as he nationalized Libyan oil, raised the Libyan standard of
living to one recognized by the UN as among the highest in
Africa, and began promoting an African currency and
development bank to free the continent from the IMF.
When the ragtag group of “Islamist” fighters from Ben Ghazi
given diplomatic cover as the Transitional Council began
their NATO-supported assault, one of the first things they
did was to seize the Libyan central bank, until then one of
the few still controlled by government in the world.  If this
makes you wonder—and it should—then this is the book for
you.  Kudos to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
and her truth-telling DIGNITY journalists who put the
complicit Western-backed human rights NGOs to shame.”
—GLEN FORD, Black Agenda Report

“Cynthia put together a team of people to tell the world the
truth about Libya.  NATO started the war against Libya with
lies and the lies continue to this day with NATO’s denials of
having committed war crimes against Libya’s people.  Libya
today is the creation of the US, NATO, and Al-Qaeda acting in
a criminal partnership.”   —CINDYSHEEHANe”ht intervention” fraud


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