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‘Illegitimate PA president Mahmoud Abbas and his corrupt cronies benefit hugely at the expense of their own people.

They serve Israeli interests, not theirs, virtually silent in the face of ongoing IDF and police rampaging, murdering Palestinians in cold blood, brutalizing hundreds of others viciously, operating unaccountably.

Are we witnessing a repeat of October 2000, the start of the Second Intifada? It began with Israeli police murdering 12 protesting Arab citizens and one Palestinian.

The Orr Commission of Inquiry said police and other security forces must alter the way they treat Arabs. It called use of live fire, rubber bullets and similar tactics against demonstrators illegal.’

Read more: Palestinian Authority Officials Support Israeli Brutality

My Comment:  The demonic illuminati know that if you simply control and corrupt the top guy in government you own them.  Period.  They own our presidents except for Lincoln and Kennedy and we all know what happened to them!