!1! PROTECTING THE AMERICAN DREAM FROM ANOTHER WALL STREET CRASH Governor OMalley knows that the American Dream today remains out of reach for too

My Comment:  The ONLY viable plan to protect the American Public is unveiled in Martin O’Malley’s plan to reign in the banksters and appointing another “Pecora Commission” to investigate the fraud.  This is the only viable plan I see.  Bernie Sanders is a fraud and beholden to the Zionists.  Hillary Clinton is in Wall Street’s pockets and a CRIMINAL  (blog:  Hillary’s Peril) and Donald Trump has not commented on this issue which is CRITICAL!!!  The reason Hillary Clinton defends Dodd-Frank is it gives Banksters’ derivatives first and foremost payment when this financial crash comes and the little guys (depositors) will lose most of their money to cover the banksters casino gambling debts!  Hillary Clinton is both an illuminati criminal as well as an illuminati puppet….she has endorsed all of O’Bama’s lies and scams.  Click on following to see O’Malley’s real plan to address the impending financial disaster which Dodd-Frank will do nothing for except helping the Banksters at the depositor’s expense:  PROTECTING THE AMERICAN DREAM FROM ANOTHER

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Columnist Pam Martens Blasts Hillary Clinton for Opposing Glass-Steagall

October 14, 2015

In the Oct. 13 issue of her regular column in, financial columnist Pam Martens rips into Hillary Clinton as a “Wall Street Democrat… who has no intention of restoring the Glass-Steagall Act… which kept our financial system safe for 66 years.”

In an article co-authored with Russ Martens, she warns of another meltdown of the international financial system. “In reality, the dark, gathering, economic storm clouds are merely the second leg of the 2008 financial collapse, set in motion on November 12, 1999 when President Bill Clinton, surrounded by Wall Street sychophants, signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act… which repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.” She adds that the repeal of Glass-Steagal also “ushered in the greatest wealth transfer scheme in the history of America” by public bailouts for casino gambling by the mega-banks.

On Oct. 12, Martens had issued a similar blast: “Hillary’s transparently vapid proposals to tinker around the tattered edges of the Wall Street Democrats’ Dodd-Frank illusion of reforming Wall Street (after two of America’s largest banks became admitted felons just five months ago) rather than breaking up the banks and restoring the Glass-Steagal Act, should instantly disqualify her as a serious candidate for the Oval office among Democrats.”


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