Warren Buffet: Human-Sacrificing, Child-Raping Satanist

Frankly, I am nauseated every time I even hear the name of Warren Buffett. Whenever I see him on television, being praised and paraded about as the financial wonder of the 21st century on CNN and other media outlets, I cringe.

And now, that same news media seemingly wants us to cry rivers of tears over his misfortune of now being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“In a letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway Tuesday, billionaire Warren Buffett announced that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer….”

Get real. It’s a wonder his male endowment hasn’t utterly rotted and fallen off by now.
May the wrath of Almighty God judge that perverse male appendage of his (along with all the REST of him), that has raped so many innocent children and other helpless victims on the horrific satanic altars of his Omaha coven.
By now you are probably thinking, “Whoa, Pam! What are you talking about?”
Let me give you some  background information:
“The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska”
by John W. DeCamp, attorney and former Nebraska senator
“This book is an investigation of satanic sexual abuse, satanic ritual murders, pedophile rings, child pornography and prostitution, kidnapping, and money-laundering. It involves top Washington D.C. politicians, savings and loan executives, and media cover-ups. This book is dedicated to the author’s dear friend, Bill Colby, former head of the CIA (before Bush), who died under very mysterious circumstances in 1996.”
THIS is what I am talking about.

Warren Buffett is exposed as being part of this satanic cabal in Omaha. John Decamp himself refers to this man as a child-molesting and cannibalizing satanist, after years of investigating and exposing this.

Warren Buffett is part of the world-wide deadly Illuminati/satanist cult that believes the following LIES:
If you worship Lucifer/Satan, you will become “rich and powerful”. However, Satan first demands your soul, and THEN  demands human sacrifice.

(Of course, such lies are only an illusion of wealth and power. It is only a soul-damning deception from the arch-enemy of men’s souls and mankind, Lucifer/Satan, whom Jesus clearly called “a liar and the father of lies” and a murderer. These people are the most miserable, guilt-ridden, fear-filled people, living under the continual wrath of God, in the world.) 

Satanists are taught that the more acts of human sacrifice you perform, the more money and power Satan will give them. Satanism also teaches that the more helpless and innocent the victims are, and the more pain and agony you inflict on the victims when sacrificed, the more money and power Satan will give them.

(Again, more outrageous lies from “the wicked one,” as Jesus called the deceiver, Satan.)

Here is how these satanists recruit:”You too can become a part of the RICH, THE ELITE AND THE POWERFUL! MONEY can be yours! POWER can be YOURS! Here’s a blank check…fill it out for any amount you want! Just worship SATAN!”

(Once more, more lies and deceptions from Satan the deceiver.)

Every member of the Illuminati/satanism knows the dark truth about what the NEW WORLD ORDER really is.

It is Lucifer/Satan’s manifest kingdom on earth, with Satan displacing God, and Satan’s followers ruling over the earth…and murdering all who will not worship Satan and submit to their NEW WORLD ORDER. It is spoken of in the Bible in Revelation 13, about a worldwide kingdom of darkness that worships THE DRAGON, or Lucifer/Satan, and to which Satan in turn will give his THRONE, POWER, AND AUTHORITY.

As former satanists admitted to me, CHRISTIANS are particularly in high demand by Satan for sacrifice.

Satan hates Jesus Christ more than anyone else, because Jesus was sent to earth to rescue mankind from Satan’s corrupting influence. Jesus’ death on the cross, to make payment to God for the sins of the world, also caused His blood to be shed for us. His blood has become the tool therefore that defeats sin, and defeats Satan himself as well. This then is reason why Satan and his followers HATE Jesus Christ! How they HATE His followers, THE CHRISTIANS! 

This is WHY COMMUNISM so brutally tortures and murders Christians worldwide. Communism is a direct product of the Illuminati, in this case the distinctly Jewish branches of it. (But there are plenty of
non- Jews recruited into Communism/NWO as well…and lots of Illuminati /satanists who are gentiles.)They believe that every Christian murdered under Communism counts as one more sacrifice to Satan to bring them more money and power…and to recieve power from THE DRAGON (another Biblical reference to Satan)to bring forth THEIR NWO. (See Revelation 13:4 in the Christian New Testament Bible.)

Can you imagine…people so greedy, so corrupt and so cruel that they are willing to abduct and then brutally rape, torture and sacrifice even helpless infants and children on Satan’s evil altars, in their insane pursuit of corrupt money and earthly power??? But it happens!

But such is the dark world of the Illuminati/satanism today. And of such is Warren Buffet.

                         Who will cry for the helpless children?
Don’t expect me to cry over Buffett’s present health crisis. I will instead save my tears for the precious little children whose names we can never know, and who tiny bodies will never be found, abducted by his wicked satanist covens for brutal rape, torture and finally sacrifice.
Warren Buffett, I am going to speak to you the very same words I spoke to my father as he lay slowly dying of bone cancer in our Washington DC home.

My father, famed USAF war hero and icon for his well-known military cartoons, also succumbed to the tragic deception of satanism at one point. It destroyed our family and made our home life hell for many years.He finally threw my mother and I out of my childhood home, and replaced us with his seducing satanist “other woman.” You can read more about my father HERE:


Many years and many prayers and tears later, my father found himself diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. He begged me to come home and set up hospice to take care of him. I did so:after 30 years of prayer and tears for his eternal soul to be saved out of satanism, I was not about to abandon him now and let him die and go to hell.
I set up hospice for him and took care of him.
And I told him what I am about to tell you: you may have many people decieved as to what you are secretly involved in, but Almighty God (whose name, by the way, is not Lucifer) can never be decieved!

If you do not confess this terrble sin of involvement in satanism, and if you do not repent of your involvement in it and instead recieve forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ Who died on the cross to provide forgiveness for ALL your sins, YOU WILL PERISH IN GREATEST AGONY AND ETERNAL TORMENTS FOR YOUR SINS.

The agonies you inflicted on countless innocents on those satanic altars throughout the years, cannot compare to the horrors that will await your eternally damned soul in hottest hell, UNLESS YOU GET RIGHT WITH GOD. Your corrupt and perishing money, and fleeting earthly treasures, and the praise of men for your “financial genius”cannot save you from the eternal wrath of God.
You have exchanged the truth of God for the deceptions of a murderer and liar, satan. You have offered human sacrifice to this deciever, even the broken bodies of countless innocent victims on satanic altars, to obtain corrupt power and wealth. You have worshipped satan for money and power. You have slain the innocents without pity on satan’s altars to obtain corrupt wealth.
And now the wrath of God is about to judge you, UNLESS YOU REPENT.
Jesus Christ died for YOUR SINS.
As an old man, you now have this relatively brief time  remaining wherein God extends His grace and mercy and forgiveness to you through Jesus Christ His Son.
Please, Warren, do not despise the love, mercy and forgiveness of God available to you now through JESUS CHRIST.
My father finally repented, recieved Jesus Christ as His Savior, and was wondrously forgiven of 30 years of satanism. He became a changed man. Gone was the hatred, cruelty, and evil from his life. Jesus Christ FORGAVE him and TRANSFORMED him into a kind and gentle man. He finally found freedom from tormenting guilt and discovered PEACE AT LAST.
God gave me a vision of my father, Jake Schuffert, after he died. I saw him transformed into a young  man again, utterly forgiven and innocent. His redeemed spirit  was walking the streets of heaven. He turned to smile at me, and then began ascending radiant marble stairs leading up into the glory of God into God’s PRESENCE. He finally  disappeared into the clouds of glory emanating from God’s glorious throne.
This same mercy and peace and forgiveness can be yours also, Warren. The choice is yours. The “money, fame and acclaim” you believe comes from worshipping the wicked one,  simply isn’t worth the eternal damnation that comes with it. THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD CAN GIVE YOU SO MUCH MORE!
“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD, but lose his soul?'”
“Fear Him, who after He has judged, has the power to destroy body and soul in hell. Yes, I say unto you FEAR HIM.
~Jesus Christ
Recieve His mercy and salvation and forgiveness TODAY.



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