Israeli Girl’s Racist Facebook Post Racks Up 16k ‘Likes’, Prompts Outrage

Israeli Girl’s Racist Facebook Post Racks Up 16k ‘Likes’, Prompts Outrage © Photo: Facebook

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Eden Levi, an Israeli girl purported to also be a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, has prompted outrage on Facebook with a post featuring a photo of her palm reading “hating Arabs is not racism. It’s values.”

The post, picked up for English-speaking audiences by Harvard law student Fady Yousef Khoury, has already gathered nearly 16,000 ‘likes’, along with over 800 shares.

Khoury explained that “the first comment is from her mother, letting her know how proud she is of her.” Levi, he noted, “replied with gratitude for the values that her mom instilled in her.”

Giving his own opinion on the racist post, Khoury noted that he was “so touched by this, that now I feel like it’s all over me and I need to go wash it off.”

Khoury’s response was promptly picked up, ‘liked’ and shared hundreds of times, with users slamming Levi’s “irrational bigotry” and racism. Some users suggested that the post, and the ‘likes’ it was quickly able to generate, suggests that Israeli society has serious problems with racism, a user named Nick noting that the country “cannot sustain the occupation without racism.”

Naturally, the comments section was soon joined by pro-Israeli users as well, citing instances of Palestinian racism and bigotry toward Jews, with the comments section quickly going downhill from there.

Levi’s controversial post has been picked up by Russian Facebook users as well, with users seeming to offer a more measured response, for the most part, although many noted that they were not in the least surprised.

A user named Bogdan responded with the comment “all people are different, but humanity’s values are the same.”

Unfortunately, it’s the same with Amerika who has traditionally supported Israhell.

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