US is run by vicious malignant sociopaths violating countries sovereign status:  Russia respects countries rights to govern themselves.  These countries don’t want our “demonocracy”.  Wake up Amerika!!!  Putin addresses O’Bama’s terrorist policies.  I do not believe O’Bama is a Muslim;  I do believe he is an old style Communist and while Russia has become a more about freedom, the US has become symbolic of Nazi Fascism wrapped in an American flag with Patriotic slogans.  He addresses the  arming of Terrorists and urges cooperation between all nations to overcome Terrorism…who is right here?  Putin has MY VOTE on this issue.    Call Congress to get rid of O’Bama…I do!  But I do not agree with his views on “Climate Change.”  I believe this is a hoax.  It is Fascism once again disguised as being “good for the people.”  How many times are we going to fall for these hoaxes?  I am not worried about “carbon emissions” for CO2 is good for plants…don’t we need to increase our food supply?  Well, what’s wrong with carbon emissions that are good for plants and will increase our food supply???  Another hoax!  These imperialistic assholes want to reduce our food supply and promote Green Fascism….see the EIR Press Conference that exposes this hoax below…at least they are doing real research to discover real facts instead of staying glued to the TV to assimilate hours upon hours of bullshit!

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