There is a lot that Americans do not know about. Many wondered what happened to U.S.W.G.O Alternative News.

There is corruption taking over positions of power within the U.S., state, and local governments. The international pedophile rings are taking over positions of authority so that they are never arrested and never imprisoned for their child abusing activities. However the American people will take action against any pedophiles that take over positions of federal and state prosecutors because then nobody can be prosecuted as long as they are protected and sanctioned by the international pedophile rings.

It is believed that former news reporter Brian Hill, apart of the news organization of U.S.W.G.O alternative media at, was framed with child pornography because he threatened the position of power likely of somebody that may be involved in the pedophile ring conspiracy. Before he was framed with child porn in August 2012, he had revealed Department of Homeland Security documents which Infowars showcased under the author Paul J. Watson.…

Also before he was framed, he had sent emails (according to Docket evidence on PACER) and published news articles attempting to remove a State Senator from office and even wanted to embarrass the Mayodan town Chief of Police Charles Caruso for kicking him out of office for asking the Senator a question about a local petition he had a campaign on to nullify the National Defense Authorization Act at the state level. In addition to that he also had enemies that kept attempting to attack his website which caused his web host Arvixe to continue shutting down his website which he moved to HostforWeb then they attempted to shut down his website too causing him to continually beg people for donations and sponsorship. Part of this was documented on PACER for the Colorado U.S. District Court case of Righthaven v. Brian D. Hill. So he made a lot of enemies, all before out of the blue (no former charges, never in trouble with the law, not even bad rumors except being called anti-Muslim) he was accused of downloading to posses child pornography right after he was threatened by his local police chief. He was sent threatening tormail messages (Remember Luke Rudkowski,

Melissa Melton, Dan Johnson, etc etc) telling him to stop talking about a child porn sharing virus, the very virus that framed Mr. Hill with child porn files which gave the Mayodan Police an excuse to raid his home. He messed with somebody that is protected by the pedophile rings so they framed him with child porn to ruin his life forever as a form of revenge or social terrorism.

Please read the case files about this alternative media activist and spread the word about Brian Hill being framed with child porn then placed under Federal probation under conditions that he basically shut his mouth up and not use the internet for ten years and registered as a sex offender for fifteen according to Virginia statutes for sex offenders, which I know because he published his address in docket filings. I am a independent truther that has been tracking this alternative media head for years. The truth must come out that Brian has been framed with child porn. Infowars and Drudgreport need to cover this case as he continues fighting for his acquittal.…

Forgive me for grammatical errors. I am typing this in a rush as I am trying to wake up as many as possible to the tragedy of Brian Hill.

Child porn was downloading on USWGO reporter Brian D. Hill’s computer while under SBI and Mayodan Police custody, Whistleblower exposes

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March 9, 2015 in Politics


Brian D. Hill(left), Alex Jones(Center), and Stewart Rhodes(right)

Today Brian D. Hill, the former USWGO Alternative News reporter and Founder, has informed me that the Whistleblower has sent two more messages under different email usernames but the writing style is similar. Those messages are revealing even more disturbing news regarding Brian’s wrongful conviction. The documents have been uploaded onto Scribd and are reconstruction of the original Multimedia Messages (MMS) aka text messages sent to his phone. One message had an attachment which was not child porn but of a small low quality photocopy of a SBI Case document that likely came from their Case Management System. That document belongs to a SBI criminal case investigation file under SBI Agent Rodney White of the Greensboro, N.C. SBI office. SBI stands for the State Bureau of Investigation which refers to the North Carolina SBI law enforcement agency. The Whistleblower has alleged testimony that Agent White has taken part in the plot to frame Brian D. Hill with child porn for political reasons and has so far provided information that matches things that only the Defendant knows or what was already on the record which partially confirms authenticity of the information and leaks. Scribd has both the 2nd and 3rd whistleblower emails sent to the cell phone Brian was using as a substitute for communication since he is not prohibited from using a cell phone, especially since he is using it for legal purposes only such as aiding to overturn his criminal conviction, talk with his lawyer, and to get in touch with news reporters right and left to cover his criminal case.

He has stated that a private lawyer has taken his case but hasn’t yet made a formal Motion or Notice of Appearance to officially become Brian’s Counsel of record. Because of that he doesn’t mention the attorneys name until he is ready to proceed with counsel. With private counsel, even under Pro Bono representation, will have a much higher success rate for overturning a conviction then a public defender or Court appointed counsel since private counsel isn’t paid by the government. Private attorneys don’t usually have direct connections with the Federal Judges and Prosecutors unlike public defenders. So that means Brian has an attorney that will actually represent him and not to have some form of a conflict of interest which can hurt Brian’s case. In the future all communications for writing articles about his case will likely be through his legal counsel instead of through Brian himself.

The document leak shows a SBI case forensic investigation analysis was done by a single SBI Agent named Special Agent White. It appears the forensic analysis was not even done at the official state crime laboratory which means it does not have to follow the same standards as the state crime laboratory which is under ASCLD/LAB accreditation. The analysis was done by Special Agent Rodney White. It says that in the page that there was the Asus Eee PC laptop but Brian said that it was a netbook computer so I did research and discovered that Agent White refereed to a Netbook PC. Brian falsely confessed that he downloaded or placed child porn in his Netbook computer however Agent White’s analysis on that Netbook was a negative which proves even with the distributing developments of the report, that Brian made a false confession. It also shows other disturbing information. Brian also explained to me that he believes it was a mass emailing the way it was worded but so far nobody has gone public to admit whether the email was sent to other people.

Normally Brian wasn’t allowed to make photocopies of the SBI report that was being used against him in his Federal criminal case but the whistleblower has leaked the information outside of the legal parameters of the restricted Discovery Agreement between Brian’s ineffective public defender Eric David Placke and the U.S. Attorney office. So the leak is not construed as a violation of the Discovery Agreement as the leak shows that it was internal and came from the Case Management records at the SBI itself according to the testimony of the whistleblower. So Brian wasn’t even allowed to prove to the media the authenticity of such documents. The Whistleblower has proved the authenticity of Page IV of Agent White’s report. Even if the leak is low quality, the Whistleblower provided both the photocopy of the document and then a text typed transcript which shows what was on the page from the SBI case file. So this Whistleblower has actually aided in Brian being able to tell the American people how page IV proves that he was indeed framed with child pornography possession. I and text messages sent from Brian to me both explain why, and are published with his implied permission.

From SA White’s own analysis from Page IV, it claimed that “454 files had been downloaded with the eMule program between July 20, 2012, and July 28, 2013.” Yes you heard me right it said up to July 28, 2013. Brian’s computer was seized in August 28, 2012 according to public search warrant record from the Rockingham County Clerk of the Court of North Carolina in regards to the Superior Court record. So from August 28, 2012 up to July 28, 2013, it was in the hands of law enforcement and in their legal custody. So until the computers were sent to the SBI Agent for a individual analysis outside of the standards of the state crime lab accreditation, it was in the custody of the Mayodan Police Department. My article talking about the child porn set up attempt mentioned the insecure containment the evidence was stored while in Police custody.

That is exactly what can prove that Brian wasn’t committing the crime he was accused of. It shows that child porn was downloading whether Brian had the computer or not. This can even add credibility and substance to his claims on the record that a trojan horse or computer virus, which Brian dubs as the eMule virus, was downloading and sharing child porn before the police raid.

This Whistleblower has led to some very interesting information being leaked out to the public including to the Defendant Brian David Hill himself. It is also interesting that Mayodan Police attempted to call him last month multiple times on that very same cell phone number that has received both threats and whistleblower emails which were converted by the Phone provider into text messages. Brian even stated that he now demands a criminal investigation into the SBI.

“I demand both a criminal and ethics investigation of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and Agent Rodney White- USWGO Brian Hill” (Forwarded to me through text message)

“According to the leaked SBI document details, SBI Agent Rodney White recorded on record from Emule known.met that 454 child porn files was downloaded on my seized computer(seized August 28, 2012) between July 20, 2012 and July 28, 2013. Almost one year child porn was downloaded while under law enforcement custody. – USWGO Brian Hill” (Forwarded to me through text message)

So the question is will there be yet another investigation into the conduct or even misconduct of the Agents at the NC SBI in Greensboro, NC in regards to a Innocent man being framed?

Even of those years turn out to be a human error on the record, it can still prove that the dates do not match Brian’s confession statements which proves beyond reasonable doubt that Brian falsely confessed under duress.

Also word was given to me that Sue Basko claimed to Brian that the first Whistleblower email was sent to a pile of FBI. If that is the case then there may be an investigation of some sort but no details have been public as of yet. Videos