Satan’s Amerika

60 million abortions

Fetal parts sold for profit-fetal murders planned in advance to “not crush certain parts” to be sold  See video here.

Satanism, National Security Act covering it up and the pedophilia, Child Sex Slavery, NAMBLA involvement and the CIA actively involved with the FBI covering evil up!

Country singers as drug couriers and a multitude of Presidents involved in drug smuggling.  See the book Trance-Formation of America:


  1. Trance Formation of America – Ivan Antić

    Protected child sex slavery as written about in DeCamp’s “The Franklin Cover-Up” which has had a media blackout.

    Satanic cults murdering 60,000 people a year minimum as Ted Gunderson, senior FBI agent stated and are any of these ritualized murders ever investigated?

    Washington, D.C. politician/criminals involved in this child sex slavery and related killings.

    Anti-vaccine doctors being murdered as well as holistic doctors being viciously murdered.

    Common Core where a sick teacher shows children (12 Years Old) how to masturbate with a dildo!

    Middle class Americans having a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil attitude about all this evil thus enabling evil to coexist and take control of their government.

    A vicious, sadistic elite that likes to murder children for entertainment as mentioned in the book

    “Confessions of a D.C. Madam” as well as “The Franklin Cover-Up” and both books mention lobbyist Craig Spence and banker Larry King as part of this elite group.

    Satanic presidents such as H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan elected by a dumbed down populace.  (see “Trance-Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien)  and “Thanks for The Memories:  The Truth Has Set Me Free” by Taylor Bryce.  (She also mentions Michael Jackson as being raped and tortured in MKUltra programming).

    Controlled media that speaks not of the rampant Satanism in America.

    Missing children and homeless not investigated.  ( and

    Multitudes of missing in parks and federal lands not investigated.  (

    Horrific abuse of foster children and adopted children often resulting in death.

    Horrific abuse of animals often resulting in death by torture.

    Horrific abuse of animals in torture medical experiments being legal.

    Police running drugs and hookers while honest cops are discriminated against.

    Wild animals wounded and running around wounded or slowly, torturously dying in traps.

    Children caged for MKUltra experiments which result in many deaths of these children.

    Cancer cures denied to public and doctors trying to be real doctors horrifically treated by the medical ESTABLISHMENT which is an AMA drug cartel.

    Sheriffs, government leaders, presidents, politicians, bankers, religious leaders, civic leaders and businessmen all involved in child prostitution (books mentioned above).

    Wild animals at risk of starving to death.  (reason for Lynx depopulation in America)

    Drug addiction at an all time high in America.

    America and Canada known for rape/murder culture.

    American and Canada #1 in rapes on internet.

    America’s international reputation for crime.

    America’s international bad reputation for rascism and Canada is also becoming famous for the same….reference  Hidden No Longer and see the documentary Unrepentant describing the rascism in the church:  “They don’t like the poor and they don’t like minorities.”

    A public that seems to be indifferent to the plight of the missing and murdered, especially children.

    A public that labels any researcher that is well informed as a conspiracy theorist when it is FACTS these people  uncover that will stand up in court.  FACTS!!!

    Like Roddy Piper states:  “I am here to chew bubblegum and kickass and I’m all out of bubblegum.!”




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