Protect the New Children

Hello Soul Family!

The NEW Children are driven by Vision. They exhibit amazing resources and innovation. They are here in healing service to Humanity.

Many of their ways have not been previously tried or even heard about. They never give up and can change direction easily if something is not working to find something that will work.

They are very “techie” bringing advanced knowledge from Atlantis and Lemuria where they resided before choosing to incarnate on Earth. Many of these children are very high ETs who come from many Stars and Galaxies.

They carefully chose their parents (many of whom are also very high Ascended Beings although they are not consciously aware of this) as the vehicles to bring them into the Third Dimension. I know I did.

I love you all,


My Comment:  The New Children Are Under Attack by Corporations Administering Mercury filled Vaccines and Drugging them with AntiDepressants and other drugs.   These children are being disabled from fulfilling their purpose here. Of course the demonic illuminati are behind all of these  crimes.  Boycott the flu and MMR vaccinations.  Give these kids fluoride free water and organic diet.  Homeschooling is a 100,000 times better option than a mean public school where the new children will often be abused and bullied by psychopaths who are supported by the Draconian Public School System. For sure there is a spiritual battle here on earth and too often it sure looks like the dark side is winning…how else can the Nazi takeover of America (once considered the bastion of freedom) have happened?

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