Navy Weapons Researcher: WiFi Killing Us Fast!!!! Cancer Rates Exploding!

This is just GREAT for the Depopulation Agenda and an unwitting population.  I can see the illuminati with a huge smirk on their faces and rubbing their hands gleefully…think Satanic Rothschilds, Soros, Cargill CEO and all the other legions of criminals involved in this, Monsanto, Franklin Cover-Up Child Rape & Kill Ring, Picton’s Snuff Film Commercials, Ninth Circle Satanic Group, Hell’s Angels, Devil’s Disciples, 33rd and above Degreed Freemasons, etc.  Americans can continue looking the other way but this is DEATH.  Don’t forget Hunter Thompson “I like to kill.”  and the excerpt of him in the Franklin Cover-Up as snuff porn director/producer filming a little boy being sadistically tortured and murdered.  Like the Comedian George Carlin said America always goes after the dark skinned people:  Africans, Asians, Middle Easterners and the American middle class largely looked the other way….Hey, middle class, they are now coming to loot and kill you!!!  At 35 minutes of this video he states there is NO SAFE LEVEL of MICROWAVE RADIATION FOR CHILDREN and brain cancers among children are now exploding!  People don’t think there is a Depopulation Agenda with Monsanto cancer foods legal in the US and sanctioned by the US Government, killer microwave radiation legal, the con game that smoking was safe, cancer causing chemicals in our water, food, clothes, homes; everywhere!  The Depopulation Agenda is IN YOUR FACE– and don’t forget the Pedophilia cuz when vicious pedophiles go to the ultimate level they like to RAPE, TORTURE, & KILL!!  Not only are the illuminati insanely evil but the public is insanely in DENIAL!

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