Larouchepac, a political activist group seeks volunteers

Free call within the United States: 1-800-929-7566

Contact volunteers in the area nearest you to find out about local events.

Their platform is to IMPEACH O’Bama, Rebuild Infrastructure and Create Jobs, and Implement Glass-Steagall to prevent a Cyprus style bail-in which has already been written into law by Barney Franks, the pedophile, who retired and Christopher Dodd, retired after this law.

The Larouche group are wide awake.  I don’t agree with Larouche about Bill Clinton as I think he was and is a serial rapist much like Bill Cosby but I do think Monica Lewinsky was a set-up.  He had Congress and the Banksters against him on Glass-Steagall and he then was too busy defending himself to really act as a President.  This is typical of those who try to resist the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s Agenda.  He then signed the repeal of Glass-Steagall which is a big part of how the Bankster bail-ins and Bankster bail-outs became legal.  The Banksters wanted a repeal of Glass Steagall and they and Wall street went after Eliott Spitzer who was also set up.  These setups even have a name:  HoneyTrap!

Region Phone Number
DC Metro 800-929-7566
Baltimore, MD 410-747-3800
Boston, MA 617-350-0040
Chicago, IL 773-583-6100
Detroit, MI 248-232-6981
Hackensack, NJ 201-441-9055
Houston, TX 713-541-2907
Los Angeles, CA 323-259-1860
San Francisco, CA 415-546-4900
Philadelphia, PA 610-734-7080
Seattle, WA 206-257-1993

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