At 8:55 to 9:55 Sean Stone, son of director Oliver Stone mentions that the Eyes Wide Shut Parties are real and how the elite conjure djinns via crystal skulls and the Freemasons at the highest levels are also involved.  The mystical sects know about this and it goes to Babylon:  the six sided star is the key seal-Solomon’s key.  These Satanists are behind the Nazi’s, Slavery, Holocausts, Pedophilia, Massive Drug Dealing, Snuff Porn, Grand Theft of many nations gold and valuable property, and everything evil.  Very fascinating interview.

Also, the reason corporations use so many symbols is because the vast majority of corporations ARE ILLUMINATI and they know the meanings of these symbols which is why they use them-symbols are energy and having them everywhere is like feeding energy to them.  He also mentions how the United Nations is a great occult base….thank you both for bringing this information out!

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