George Soros, billionaire Convicted Felon and Nazi Funds Too Many “Activist” Groups!!!

These groups will get a lot of attention for the 50% correct action they do but ask yourself what is the underlying agenda?  In the end it will be a subversion of the true political activists goals of freedom and individual rights and these followers will wonder what happened and how were they a part of the chains being drawn tighter and more freedoms taken away.  Do not fund these groups or donate to them…you CAN sign the petitions you agree with but DO NOT FUND ANY GEORGE SOROS GROUP-YOU’RE BETTER OFF SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT-IF YOU WANT AN EXAMPLE OF GEORGE SOROS POLITICS HE FUNDED O’BAMA AND THE TSIPRAS GREEK PM WHO IS BAILING OUT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS AND CRUSHING GREEK CITIZENS.

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