Chelsea Manning is Appealing Her 35 Year Sentence-Donors Needed!

Chelsea Manning Appeal

Five years after her disclosures of State Department cables and war logs to WikiLeaks, Chelsea Manning’s whistleblowing continues to have a profound impact on how journalists, historians, and the public understanding and reporting on US foreign policy and governments around the world. Yet she is serving a 35-year jail sentence under an unjust Espionage Act conviction. She is currently attempting to appeal her conviction at the Army Court of Appeals, but has to raise a significant amount of money—over $200,000—to pay for it.

This campaign will attempt to raise that money. You can read more details about the campaign here, and read Glenn Greenwald’s post about his matching pledge here.

Anyone who disagrees very publicly with the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s Wars Agendas and Makes a Huge Impact WILL PAY with Death or a Very Long Prison Sentence.  (They own our courts, too.)  To reduce the impact of RKM please donate to their opposition like Chelsea Manning and support her (can send supportive letters, books, money, etc. to her in prison) and Julian Assange who is still holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London surrounded by police.  These people are trying to defend the freedoms and rights of the rest of us-they need our support not callous indifference!

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