Wisconsin Is Hotbed of Satanism

As a cleric with many years of study, experience and knowledge in this area, I am alarmed and dismayed by statistics that confirm that Wisconsin is the nation’s most Satanic state. There are more Satanic cults in Wisconsin per capita than any state
As a cleric with many years of study, experience and knowledge in this area,
I am alarmed and dismayed by statistics that confirm that Wisconsin is the
nation’s most Satanic state.  There are more Satanic cults in Wisconsin per
capita than any state in this great land of ours.  Here are the facts as
shown in government reports:Wisconsin has over 87,000 practicing Satanists;  this is more than all those
in California, Texas and New York combined.Wisconsin has 297 Satanic covens.  That is more than the entire continent of

Wisconsin was home to serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein and Charles
Manson.  This is due to the Satanic influences of
Wisconsin cults.

Wisconsin habitually lets pedophiles out to prey on more children.  Examples
include the Spanbauer and the Gerald Turner Halloween Killer cases.  This is
caused by the Satanic influence of devil-worship cults over the Madison
liberal clique. It is these liberals that support the pedophiles and
Satanists.  The Wisconsin Parole board is mostly Madison liberals.

The mark of the beast ‘666’  is often scrawled in Wisconsin on hidden places
in Wisconsin wooded areas and in Wisconsin schools.
Wisconsin is slow to ban Satanic cult influences over the liberal, corporate
media.  That is why television channels show nudity and Satanic violence on
Wisconsin airwaves.  Most Wisconsin people are addicted to these Satanic
television shows, even if they are not Satanists.

Wisconsin people have turned away from the Lutheran Church and toward
liberal secular humanist atheist and Satanic philosophy.  Scientific,
Islamic and atheist beliefs are taught in Wisconsin schools in order to aid
the Satanists.  Evolution and the Big Bang are the most notorious of these
beliefs.  Christian beliefs, like the Ten Commandments are banned from the
schools and are mocked on Wisconsin tv shows like Howard Stern.
To fix this, you must contact your legislator to help get an official ban on
Satanic groups.  Satanists should be jailed and given psychiatric treatments
to render them harmless to the decent, conservative Wisconsin majority.  You
should vote Republican on all issues to limit the influence of the atheist,
liberal Satanists.  You should fight against corporations because
corporations support Satanic content on the television airwaves.  Police and
other law enforcement agencies must be warned to watch for the activities of
Satanists, especially, in caves and wooded areas.   Non-Judeo-Christian
religions, such as Islam, must be monitored for signs of Satanic activities.
Nazi and KKK groups have Satanic and occult origins; these groups must be
monitored for Satanic activities.  Liberal political groups must be watched;
Stalin was strongly influenced by these liberal groups.

Together, we can reverse the pro-Satanic activities that have taken hold in
Wisconsin.  By exercising Christian vigilance, Wisconsin can be God’s
country once again.
The Lord be with you,

Pastor J. Lindsvolde

My Comment:  Satanism and Rascism go Hand in Hand.  Albert Pike 33rd Degree Freemason and Satanist Created the Ku Klux Klan-the most rascist organization of all.  Freemasonry is disguised Satanism and is ultimately an offshoot of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, who literally controls hundred of corporations, thousands of politicians, and hundred of fake charities along with their globalist friends the British Monarchy, and other European Monarchies who are all inter-related by bloodline.  The British Monarchy is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha named for regions in Germany and they are crown usurpers-not legitimate monarchy.  People had better wake up fast!



+18I have lived here all my life and have never been called a n***** but soon as my daughter attend college in Oshkosh, a kid call her a n*****… Of course it pissed me off, but I had to explain to her how “Ignorant” white people could really be. I work out in Germantown and has been for 10 years. It’s very segregated and it’s sad! You can’t trust them because they love to back stab. Laugh in your face like they’re your friend & trying to get a person written up or fired. The list goes on & on with the racism here in Wisconsin.
+19I regret having moved here. I am a foreigner and feel like a fish out of water. I have never experienced this in other parts of the country where I lived before. You won’t get anywhere here unless you fit their mold or you are serving as a token. Ignorance abounds unfortunately. This state should be number three in this list.
+15Wisconsin definitely should be higher than this. Black people here experience racism everyday. Everything from being passed over for jobs to always being treated like you will steal something. I am a preacher and I get followed around stores. People don’t like to rent to blacks either. Also, on top of all this, some black people here hate black people. If you go to Brookfield, downtown Milwaukee, certain parts of Wauwatosa, Germantown you get that “I’m better than you” vibe, or that fear that your going to do something bad. There’s no way Wisconsin should be this low. I went to college in Mississippi and have been there 6 or 7 ties since 2005 I did not experience the racism I experience in Wisconsin. The rural areas of Missouri are also bad.
+16I was born and raised in Milwaukee and now that I no longer live there, I see how segregated it is. I have no plans on living there again. I should also say that there are plenty other cities in WI that may be worse than Milwaukee. All it takes to find out is for a person of color to take a road trip through WI and then you will see.
+2The successor organization to the original American Nazi Party, The New Order, relocated in the mid-1980s to a secluded 88-acre rural property called “Nordland” in New Berlin, Wisconsin.Members of a neo-Nazi group and counter protesters peacefully rallied within yards of each other here on 09/03/11. According to local police, five arrests were made and no one was injured as members of the National Socialist Movement organization and a local coalition of community groups rallied in the afternoon near New Berlin, WI.

The Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting was a mass shooting that took place on August 5, 2012. Wade Michael Page, a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple near New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Wisconsin is the most segregated city in the country.

+13Same situation as the guy described in Mass. In the south people let you know where they stand. Here they’ll smile in your face and back stab you where it hurts the most, Employment, housing, loans, the list is endless.
+8I grew up in Wisconsin and am a person of color… There was so much racism… MILWUAKEE IS the number on most segregated city and there is a reason for this. I now live in the Bay Area and it’s exponentially less racist. I am never going back. No one knows how racist Wisconsin is because who ever visits… But I advise all my friends of color never to venture there. Wisconsin should be 1.
+6People in Madison, Wisconsin think they are so open minded, when they are really racist… not in terms of being intentionally racist, but in terms of being really provincial, really ignorant, while not knowing that they are. The people I’ve met here hold a lot of stereotypes and think it is truth.
+12This pole is wrong in another pole wisconsin was in the top five I believe in thrid and I see that a more accurate picture of WI because as a person in a mixed race realsonship with mixed race children we are always held below and away from other families by schools and orginaiztions. We have lived from milwaukee to appleton (that covers half the state) and its no better throughout.
I have lived on the east coast, northwest, southwest, and different states in the midwest and now live in Wisconsin. It’s the most racist state I’ve experienced… I’ve been pretty shocked at a few things that very “nice” people have let out of their mouths. I am white and (upper? ) middle class and I think they just assume I would agree. 🙁 It’s disturbing. A great state overall and I’m proud to live here but WI really needs to get serious about dealing with segregation, incarceration of black men, and both explicit and implicit racism.
When one has a negative experience with another race, one may become racist. When this happens, try to remember that we are all equal in God’s eyes and then treat each other with respect. We all reap what we sew and no one is excluded. Jesus said,”that which you have done to the least of these is that which you have done to me.” All are welcome in my church.
+7I have lived in Madison and Kenosha and I have to say the worse racism I have ever experienced was in Wisconsin. I played golf and was asked was I playing for my “people” and was I the female “Tiger Woods”. I went to a high school in Verona, WI and was the first African American to write for the school newspaper. Students would pass us in the halls and call us porch monkeys and the N word. My job of 4-years never hired people of color I was the token I guess. Even in Kenosha, it’s racist and the people of color don’t stick together they seem to not notice the indifference, many of them don’t date or like African Americans. Just like with anything else you have to consider the area, much of it is taught and extends from generation to generation. I detest Wisconsin and I will never ever live there again!
+13I live in oconomowoc and my mixed race daughter came home crying one day because some students during lunch were saying how whites are the best
+8Yes, this is the most racist place I’ve lived, yet people here think they are not racist at all… the ignorance is overwhelming.
+1Wisconsin is not racist as they are scared. they believe that people of color will out work them, because they basically got there jobs through someone they knew. They are not only fearful but they think it’s better not to go past there stereotype perceptions they just believe in white supremacy. and are mostly drug addicts and prescription drugs addicts which is a closely held secret here, so don’t feel bad.
+3I’m Middle Eastern and I look white but I found Wisconsin people racist and they only get along with their own kinds. I tried to get to meet friends but I gotta say they believe they are the chosen race as they always feel in power.
+11I have lived in Wisconson now for 18 months I must say they need to be higher on the list. I have
expierenced more open racism here than in my entire 47 years on the planet. Even in my work place as the only manager on the staff of color. The senior management teams turns a blind eye to open racisims and don’t address it. If you are of color stay away if all possible.

+9I ducking hate Wisconsin
+5Judging from the political view of Wisconsin politicians, it should be up there with Mississippi and Alabama.
+2I’ve never lived anywhere that was more segregated. When black people start going to a shopping mall (Brown Deer), white patrons stopped going there. It was very strange.
+7I’ve lived in Wisconsin, Louisiana, New York City and Pomona, California and Detroit. I can honestly say I think the rednecks in small town Wisconsin are by far the most rascist of all and it was the accepted norm. I’ve been gone for 41 years and never had a desire to return. by the way there are also nice people there too but the rascism is definitely a problem.
+2Wisconsin is the birthplace of racism
+2Jsonline-John Diedrich: U.S. authorities sued New Berlin Thursday, alleging that race was the reason the city blocked a low-income housing development by MSP Real Estate Inc. , a violation of the federal Fair Housing Act.A sign that read “n—– lover” was placed in the mayor’s yard. “Bigot” was spray painted on his driveway. “Leave or _ _ _” was written on his fence, the complaint says. Chiovatero and his family received threatening phone calls. His children were approached by opponents, his car tires were slashed, and his car windows were shot through, it says.

So now we have Wisconsin as #1 in Rascism and Rascism is a form of Terrorism.  The New Order (successor to the Nazi Party) is based in New Berlin (ostensibly named after Berlin, Germany).  The state is a haven for Nazi-type terrorists based on race alone.  Also, Wisconsin hosts 297 Satanic covens with 10’s of 1,000’s of followers.  Great place to raise your kids-note the sarcasm.

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