Greece Forced to Pay Payday Type IMF Loans With Brutal Austerity For Greeks

During the Nazi occupation of Greece in WWII, Hitler compelled a “forced loan” from Greece to Nazi Germany — still unrepaid. Now Chancellor Merkel compels “forced payments” of unpayable debts, which arose from a massive 2010-12 bailout of London and European banks.

The truth is that the London-centered megabanks are bankrupt despite the massive bailouts, are deep in trillions of euros of derivatives bets on the debts of Europe’s superindebted countries, and therefore will not stand for any debt writedown. That is why those debts are unpayable; the only way out is Glass-Steagall reorganization of those banks to let the speculative units fail. The debt writedowns could occur, as they did for Germany in 1953 to launch its “Wirtschaftswunder.”

The European Union “plan” for Greece is yet another criminal, evilly intended, and grossly incompetent action by what passes for the leaders of Europe. After cutting off all liquidity to the Greek banking system by European Central Bank action, in effect collapsing Greece’s payments system, it forced a looting agreement on Greece that will directly seize its infrastructure and banks, impose deeper austerity to dramatically worsen depression which is already killing and sickening large numbers, and force a regime change. The economy has already collapsed by 25%, unemployment is 27%, youth unemployment 65%, etc.

But, there are those who will profit greatly from the annihilation of Greece:  Goldman Sachs, the Troika:  IMF, European Commission, and European Commission Bank. This is becoming the Greek Holocaust.  See the profiteers below:

We Are Change

Greek born Banker Antigone Loudiadis has made immense wealth by juxtaposing as a deal-breaker for the EU; by sitting atop of Europe’s fastest growing insurance company Rothesay Life, Loudiadis callously becomes ever more rich as the Greeks unsurprisingly re-enter the EU.

As the Greeks suffer unemployment worse than what the US experienced during the Great Depression, Greek born 52 year-old Antigone Loudiadis, lives with her family in a vast stucco house placed in West London – unaffected by the suffering her people boil in. There will surely be more pain as the Greeks are further looted by the EU/IMF tyranny, but Loudiadis is perfectly content – she’ll be fine in London.

In light of this, Goldman Sachs considers the Greek traitor as one of their rising stars in the Fleet Street headquarters. Her way to the “top” (cess-pit level) was first garnered by English education as the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, she would complete Oxford University before joining JPMorgan, and then Goldman, gaining partner status in 2000.

Those who work with her describe her as “fiercely clever”, while those under her will act as if they are on the phone to avoid interaction with her. Very warm character, I’m sure. You would need a vicious clever mind, as well as influence in Greece with vast connection to pull this off. Which she has done very effectively.

While Rothesay Life is projected to make 5 billion dollars as a result of her deal, Greece will most likely lose that amount and so much more.

Goldman Sachs Manhattan headquarters

Let’s not forget that it was a naive right-wing Syriza party of Greece that entrusted her – trusting Goldman Sachs was not a wise decision Greek leaders. This deal will only conjure more turmoil and stress to the already devastated Greek people, all while shamelessly lining the pockets of cold blooded parasites such as Loudiadis, who ultimately is not the head of the snake. It is unknown as to how this tragic comedy will end, but I doubt this will be the final nail in the coffin.

I will be writing an article on what Greece could do to gain real sovereignty and link it here once completed.

The manipulation that has taken place is unfathomable but Luke Rudkowski has covered the Greek referendum – check the video below:

Antigone (Addy) Loudiadis the cold parasite
Goldman Sachs Manhattan headquarters
By the way this is planned for the United States as well…..these parasites have NO EMPATHY FOR ANYONE and are part of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia which has taken over the US government via lobbyists and charitable Zionist agencies such as the B’nai B’rith, Anti-Defamation League (anyone criticizing the Rothschild’s Depopulation Agenda will be Defamed!) and numerous other organizations funded by the brutal Rothschilds and their henchmen.
     The question no journalist is asking is that why isn’t Germany paying the billions owed to Greece at this time of brutal austerity being imposed on Greece?  Why aren’t these Payday-type debts being written down and if Greeks only receive about 10% of these monies why are they forced to pay back 100% back–this is like a finance charge of 900%!!!  Whenever there is massive financial criminality expect the long arm of Goldman Sachs to be pulling the strings as well as the British Monarchy and Wall Street.

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