Lyndon LaRouche Tells it Like It Is


The Solution Begins Right Here in the U.S.

Just as Lyndon LaRouche engaged in his fifth historic Fireside Chat with the American people and his extended organization Thursday night, preparing the way for a new Presidency, his statement of yesterday on the Greek crisis was producing a profound impression on some key leaders worldwide. No one but LaRouche has dared to say that a new Greek drachma need not fall in value, but could actually rise, because it is the euro system that has failed, not Greece.

The wisdom of the creditors to Greece is not particularly great.
— Helmut Schmidt • June 18, 2015—’Delete the Debt’

At the same time, the struggle for Greece moved towards a point of decision. Angela Merkel prearranged another failure of negotiations by harshly denouncing the Greeks before the German parliament Wednesday. Then, when Eurogroup finance ministers again refused to give Greece a hearing, and broke up their own meeting, an emergency summit of Eurogroup heads of government was called for Monday, as a last chance for Greece to submit.

The European Central Bank is arranging a run on Greek banks to try to force the Tsipras government to its knees. ECB official Benoit Coeure said, and then denied he said, that Greek banks may be unable to open Monday.

LaRouche said:

“This is the way you collapse a banking system. The Greeks may have only a few days to act.”

“Elements in the trans-Atlantic region, including the United States, are bankrupt. And therefore, the whole Greek thing, depends on bankrupting the euro. And the only way to do that, is just to close the damn thing down, and build a new economic structure.”

Greek Prime Minister Tsipras arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and a meeting with Putin yesterday.

LaRouche said:

“They will go toward Asia. The Greek system will be semi-European, oriented to Asia.”

Members of the Greek delegation reiterated Greece’s interest in joining the New Development Bank of the BRICS, and also expressed interest in attending the forthcoming July 9-10 BRICS summit in Ufa, Russia.

“Attendance at Ufa will be very useful.” LaRouche said.

“The main thing comes in the United States. It means, `Obama out!’ On that basis, by doing that properly, the end of the crisis is at hand. Wall Street is bankrupt; just write it off as a bankrupt thing. It is simply a fraudulent investment.””The problem we’ve got is that the Obama government is still lurking there. Get rid of that government, and get a decent government. Or get something being done which will lead to a decent government.

“That would greatly improve the world situation.”

Obama brought the moment of his forthcoming impeachment much closer yesterday, by forcing Fast Track through the House of Representatives in alliance with the Republicans against the Democrats, working with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell rather than his own party. He did it in conspiracy with Republicans, only through Republican votes, and the Democrats are completely furious with him.

It just takes one Congressman, or either party, to initiate Obama’s impeachment. This is the appropriate occasion for that.

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