FIVE Proofs Of HAARP Created Drought!

California Drought Update, April 19, 2015, FIVE PROOFS of HAARP Created Drought

The HAARP Report

The HAARP Report

Published on Apr 19, 2015

This shows five proofs, that the California drought is manmade. This has been going on for months, constantly, so this video is nothing new. This video was made because I saw a collosal Haarp outflow boundary, and thought it warranted it’s own video.

The contractors, who edit the satellite images, have been told to NEVER show a Haarp outflow boundary, but in this case, it was so HUGE, that it did not meet the editing criteria (laid out by the Navy laison officer). So, it was a big screw-up, all around. It definitely needed a video, to show the world how powerful this technology is.
How Do Ionospheric Heaters Control the Weather? The US Navy SBX-1 transmits 20 megawatts of microwave power, in a pinpoint, computer steered beam. Picture:…
By rapidly heating an oval perimeter (or arched vault) in the lowest layer of the ionosphere, a plasma jet shoots from the center of the heated area, downwards. It is similar to a drop of water, shot up by waves crashing together. The D layer is the lowest layer, and is 30 miles up. It only forms in the daytime, and that is why, Haarp weather control only happens mid morning, to early evening. The pinpoint beam, of the ionospheric heater, chases the smoke ring shaped “plasmoid”, downwards, by heating the top side. This keeps it moving down, while maintaining the needed ionization. Shaping, and aiming, are done at this time, and the microwave power requirement increases with the density of the surrounding air. As the plasmoid hits the upper atmosphere, it shows up as an unexplained high pressure, in the jetstream. Many times, the inertia of the descending plasma is enough to produce a series of concentric, dry air, roll clouds, in the mid layers of the atmosphere. These dry air, concentric, roll clouds move radially outward, for hours, and are PROOF, that a “Haarp downburst” just occurred. These Haarp downbursts were commonly seen in shortwave infrared, on GOES-15, before I began this youtube channel. For the first six months of this channel, most of my disclosures were followed by more photoshopping of the satellite images. This culminated in NASA deleting years of their Terra and Aqua satellite images, since it was too costly to photoshop all the old hi-res pictures. NASA claims it was a hard drive failure – how pathetic! Now, we have blurred IR satellite images, with almost no detail, as a result of this covert, weather warfare program.
The ionosphere is a HUGE reservoir of potential energy, and by using an ionspheric heater in the right way, the ionosphere will AMPLIFY the energy transmitted into it. This is how a thousand-mile-wide weather event can be created by a few US Navy, 20 Megawatt (average power), pin-point beam, microwave transmitters. It has taken the US Navy, about 20 years, to figure all of this out, build the SBX platforms, write the software, and put up the needed satellites. So, here’s the evidence, made public on youtube.

Our planet is dying VERY RAPIDLY now, as a result of the Ionospheric Heaters (and chemtrails). The oceans are dying, because of increasing ultraviolet-B. The modern Haarp transmitters punch holes in the ozone layer, since they must drive a plasmoid, from 30 miles high, down to the jet stream, which is 5 miles high. The ozone layer is 18 miles up, so each ionospheric weather control operation, is punching holes in the ozone layer, and mixing the chemtrails vertically, which breaks down the protective ozone layer. The pacific is dying because the base of the food chain, phyto-plankton, are being killed by the high UV-B, created by the ionospheric heaters. Radiation from Fukushima is killing the Pacific, but not as fast as the lack of plankton, which can’t survive the high UV-B. Fukushima is being used as a “cover” for the excess UV-B, caused by Haarp and chemtrails. That would explain the complete lack of action to stop the radiation, leaking into the Pacific.

As the oceans die, the planet’s carbon sink will stop working, and global warming turns, permanently, into global broiling. These weather warfare programs must be stopped, and de-classified NOW, otherwise, we go extinct, and the entire planet dies. (The doomsday Siberian Traps methane is now venting, in addition to the doomsday Arctic Methane:…)

80% of the oxygen we breathe, comes from plankton blooms, in the ocean. As the oceans die, oxygen levels ARE falling, and will fall even faster in the future. Humans cannot survive, with a reduced oxygen

Welcome to the Globalist’s DePopulation Agenda: Mass Migration Next Year With 38 million Californians who will have no place to go unless they are willing to pay exorbitant prices for trucked in water. What amazes me is that Californians as a whole seem to be living in some kind of Disneyland where none of the meteorologists I know of are addressing this issue. What are the populace doing to put pressure on their mis-representatives like Governor Brown? Only LarouchePac has any solutions at all as far as water management, cloud seeding but First, the Geoengineering and HAARP MUST COME TO A STOP! Clearly, California would have had rain over and over again already if HAARP and Geoengineering weren’t being used to STOP THE RAIN!!! Action Alert! Call Governor Brown 916-445-2841 and demand action to start implementing Cloud Seeding Solutions and STOP ASAP THE GEOENGINEERING AND HAARP-believe me he knows about this-he represents the NWO Globalists behind this.


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