Highway of Tears Murders Linked to RCMP, Vancouver Police Dept. Serial Killers


Tourists:  Ride Along the Highway of Tears (Highway 16 aka Yellow Highway) and speak to anyone in coffee shops, bars, natives in and out of reservations and you will soon know that debris from murders is littered all over Canada.  Burning red taffeta dress burning on a hastily made campfire (without charcoal  but hastily thrown together with twigs) and person left when observer arrived…this is common…everyone knew someone who was  missing or murdered or of missing or murdered…there are many billboards of missing and murdered too….look to Vancouver Police Dept and Royal Canadian Mounted Police..a witness informed me that  3 RCMP were bringing girls into the Picton Serial Killers Pig Farm and the girls were being raped and murdered in snuff films…he described them being cut up and fed to the pigs….how the snuff film productions were omitted from newspaper reports on the Pictons, that it was a family business involving the Picton’s father, two brothers and a cousin, and how the Vancouver Police Dept. was also involved in this snuff film, organ trafficking ring……and this guy never even heard of Kevin Annett…he was a Hell’s Angels and went to the Pictons for a rave party.

For more information read Synopsis of Hidden No Longer:  The Canadian Holocaust at website: hiddennolonger.com

See the Lonnie Landrud Story-He Witnessed RCMP murder Deena Lynn Braem!  He  has been ruthlessly harrassed by the authorities and nearly murdered several times by Canadian Police in seeking justice for her.

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