GameStop Explodes

GameStop Stock Up Over 100 Percent Again in Pre-Market

Are meme stocks back? I guess for now they are. Both GME and AMC stock are up over 100 percent in pre-market right now. A massive short squeeze is taking place and people are just piling in. It’s become a major topic of conversation and GME is trending all over the tubes.




I never sold my GameStop stock that I bought during the first frenzy and even bought some more just a few weeks ago so I think this is very great and very hilarious. I made big monies over the past 24 hours and I hope to make more big monies in the days to come. I hope GME goes up to $1,000 a share so I can reinvest these funds in my very successful anti-Semitic and racist media operation.

GME Files to Sell Up to 45 Million Shares

GameStop management just filed to sell 45 million shares. The stock went down further on the news. It is trading around $20 a share as I write this.


GME is run by a Jew named Ryan Cohen so this looks like an attempt to dilute the share value in order to bailout the massive short positions by Jewish hedge funds. There could also be some other type of ulterior reason for this move. I really don’t know though. I am just speculating.

Either way, this just means I’m going to buy more shares. I am not intending to ever sell them. The more fuckery the Jews do with this meme stock the more shares I am going to accumulate. It is that simple.

Plus, I find everything about the GME meme stock story to be very funny. I am basically buying more GME stock for my personal entertainment.

Jew Jim Cramer Says to Sell GME and AMC

Jewish Citron Research Announces They are Short GME

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