Children’s Health Defense (RFK JR’s website Re: Vaccine Injuries)

MAY 9, 2024

Million Dollar Match: The Battle for Truth - Make a Donation

babies mistake rsv vaccine

More than 30 Babies Mistakenly Vaccinated with Pfizer or GSK’s RSV Shots


chris cuomo covid ivermectin

Chris Cuomo Admits to Taking Ivermectin, as New Study Shows It Reduced ICU Admissions by 83%


who attorney general uk treaty

22 AGs Oppose WHO Pandemic Treaty, Citing Threats to Sovereignty and Civil Liberties


bill gates wealthy jeff bezos

Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and the High Cost of Unequal Societies


Big Pharma Newswatch

FDA Chief Tells Senate Agency Is Preparing for Bird Flu Mutation + More


Big Brother News Watch

World Health Organization Is Making a Massive Power Grab — and Biden Is Enabling It + More


may calendar

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