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April 01, 2024

4 Presidents, 2 Events and a Preview of Campaign Clashes to Come

President Biden raised $25 million at a Radio City Music Hall event, adding to his huge cash edge, after Donald Trump pushed his law-and-order message at a wake for a police officer killed on duty.

Rebuttal By

For those of you who understand that we are under a military occupation that is utilizing epic pyschological warfare tractics and staged scenarios to achieve its final objective, you will certainly appreciate this latest episode of “The Movie” –brought to us by White Hat Productions. For those who still cannot (or will not) see it, that’s OK too, because if everyone could, then the secret operation would begin to unravel as too many people notice it. It’s really not an issue worth arguing about because, whether or not events are real or illusionary, we can all agree that Commander Trump’s approaching “authoritarian” rule is coming — at which time, we can argue as to whether or not the arrests and executions are live or just replays — ha ha ha. Now, let’s dissect the latest scene. This past Thursday in New York — a city whose Demonrat voting base is increasingly growing disgusted by the White Hat-staged “invasion” of illegal aliens — a character purporting to be Trump, the imposter “Joe Biden” and fellow imposters “Barry Obongo” and “Bill Clinton” — participated in a pair of dueling events that could not possibly be more opposite and more damaging, to “Biden.” From the article: “For Democrats, it was a high-profile, celebrity-studded fund-raiser for President Biden in Manhattan. On Long Island, former President Donald J. Trump attended a wake for a New York City officer who was killed during a traffic stop on Monday. Together, the day’s events struck an unusual contrast in a general election campaign that has so far been largely defined by appearances. Mr. Biden, along with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, appeared before 5,000 donors at a Radio City Music Hall event that campaign aides said raised $25 million. The eye-popping number set a record for a single political event, according to the aides.” * Point of clarification: We believe Trump is alive and well, mixing imposters and CGI imagery with the real thing. We believe that Biden, Obongo and Clinton have been executed.

1. Officer Jonathan Diller, 31. Or was it “Officer Jonathan Diller?” // 2 & 3. Trump at the “wake” images are clearly staged CGI images. The dark hues give it away.
This was NOT a good look for the Demonrats and, speaking as a resident of the NY-NJ area, the local (and national) news coverage (left, center & right) of this delightful dichotomy only helped Trump. Don’t be surprised if he ends up winning “Blue States” like New York, New Jersey and California this fall. What an unfortunate “coincidence” for the Demonrats that the wake and the unusually massive funeral ran concurrently with the ostentatiously vulgar 3-Presidents fundraising extravaganza in New York. With as many as 60,000 secret military intelligence assets at their disposal and the known precedent of intel ops being embedded within large police departments, who can say if the perfectly timed slaying of this New York City police officer is real? The photo of Trump at the “wake” has the appearance of CGI, and the three traffic-causing presidents at Radio City Music Hall were all fakes because they, along with so many other celebrities and politicians, have already been disappeared or executed.
1. The Demonrats are being absolutely clobbered over the border and crime issues. // 2. CGI fakery. // 3. Imposters party at Radio City Music Hall during the wake. We already know that the real Biden is dead, but look at how healthy the sickly Bill Clinton looks all of a sudden.
The public humiliation of NY State Governor Hochul (D) could not possibily have been scripted any better because, quite apparent to us, it was indeed scripted by White Hat Productions – the greatest illusionists ever!
From the file marked, “Ya-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up” — Mr. “Biden” then followed up his Holy Thursday debacle in New York by proclaiming Sunday, March 31 — which “coincidentally” happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year — as the Transgender Day of Visibility 2024. Not a good look for “Biden” (to say the least) especially in an election year. This is a time when even Atheist Marxist Demonrats try to pass themselves off as somewhat pious Christians so as not to incite God’s legions into turning out to vote against them en masse. Who the heck “advised” this “idiot” to go full pro-tranny on Easter Sunday in an election year? Answer: Patriots are in control. Trust the plan.
Post 4908 // October 21, 2020 Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.YOU MUST SHOW THEM.ONLY THEN WILL PEOPLE FIND THE WILL TO CHANGE.Crimes against children unite all humanity [cross party lines]?Difficult truths.Q
Patterns, boys and girls. Patterns.
Both competing events in New York were stage-managed.
Well played, Commander. Well played.
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that Trump went to a police officer’s wake while Biden held a fundraiser with Obama and Clinton. Boobus Americanus 2: Bad timing for Biden. That was very bad optics. * St Sugar: The besst is yet to come, Boobuss! Editor: Staged World War III rumblings continue. Enjoy the movie.

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Four Imposter Presidents in New York

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