How the Clintons Destroyed Haiti & Exploited Haiti’s Resources; Silsby Caught Red Handed Stealing Haitian Children From Parents

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The Clintons have long considered Haiti to be their personal playground where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies with close friends from the global elite, according to Haitians who allege the Democrat power couple are involved in a Satanic cannibal club in which children are ritually abused and their flesh eaten.

According to multiple eyewitnesses in Haiti, the Satanic club has become the new Bohemian Grove for the jetsetting globalist elite, with private jets regularly landing in Port-au-Prince before the passengers are whisked away to their secret hideout in the jungle where unspeakable horrors involving children have been documented by local investigators.

The locals call this place “Clinton’s den” and generations of local children have been taught to be terrified of Bill and Hillary who are viewed as evil incarnate due to the depraved nature of the company they keep, as violent cannibals and pedophiles stalk the island with impunity.

Warning: this content is disturbing and threatens to expose the real nature of the Clintons and their agenda.

Clintons stole pretty much ALL the Haitian Relief money intended by donors to help the Haitian people.  Note the Cannibal leader wears a Freemason Pendant….Freemasons are all Satanists at the top!

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