Hundreds of people were arrested in Washington DC for protesting Israel and all of the Jewish war crimes the Zionist regime is committing against the Palestinians. They were also protesting America’s continued support for these Jewish war crimes.



Weirdly or not so weirdly, many of those protesting were Jews.


Lots of people have noted how this protest was similar to the events of January 6, 2021 because they occupied a government building. Of course, we all know that these people aren’t going to be treated as insurrectionists or terrorists. They’re not going to be sent to gulag prisons to be tortured by niggers or given 22 year prison sentences. That type of treatment is only reserved for Donald Trump supporters.

This seems to be an attempt by Jews to get ahead of any mass movement against Israel and potentially a mass movement against Jews themselves. They can use this event to claim that not all Jews are bad and that there are Jews who oppose Israel and all their war crimes.

This is no different than how Jews have setup fake Neo-Nazi groups to prevent any real opposition against them. It is why I am totally against Jews being involved in any sort of right-wing or nationalist group.

Take a look at the Jew Laura Loomer for example. I said over and over again that she was bad news and we now see her transparently acting as an Israeli war propagandist.

Quite frankly, I think Israel is in a great deal of trouble and it is very likely that we could see an exodus of Jews trying to flee when shit gets real. We should not welcome any of these people if/when Israel collapses.