How the Politically Corrupted New York Slimes Runs Interference For Child Rapists


“How to Respond to an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist”

September 05, 2023

Rape Cases Seize Italy’s Attention and Expose Cultural Rifts

A summer of horrific crimes, including the gang rapes of two young girls, has put a new focus on the country’s attitudes toward women and the amplifying role of social media. By Gaia Pianigiani

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In the town of Caviano, near Naples, Italy — a pair of young cousins from poor families, ages 10 & 12, were, over a period of several months, subjected to continuous rapes by at least seven teens. We learn from another story that police now suspect that some of these events were filmed and then sold as child-porn — something which the Slimes fails to mention. We have not been able to determine if these young monsters were Italians by ethnicity or “Italians” by boat migration — so let’s put that issue aside for now. What we may indeed deduce with absolute certainty is that such horror shows represent the ultimate rotten fruits of a Marxified western world gone Godless — and, as a natural result, obsessed with sexuality and excited by cruelty. Regular readers of The Anti-New York Times certainly don’t need to be taught about the consequences of rampant immorality. The deeper story here is the politicized reaction to the sustained abuse of these young girls by “the paper of record.” This is truly blood-boiling for your ranting and raving reporter of 3/4 Italian heritage to have to stomach. From the Slimes article: “The cases have provoked debate in Italy over its neglected areas, its often chauvinistic attitudes toward women and the dangerous amplifying role played by social media.” You hear that? It isn’t libtarded Frankfurt School cultural degradation and graphic imaging fueling such debauchery. No sir. It’s those old fashioned, conservative “chauvinistic attitudes toward women” rearing their ugly head. You know, I have to say — though indeed being raised in a family environment (both nuclear and extended) in which our womenfolk “knew their place” — I somehow missed the part where raping 10-year-olds (or any woman) was part of the culture. What a vile slander that the Slimes’ feminist correspondent in Italy, Gaia Pianigiani, has made against her own heritage and people! Ah, show us the shekels, Gaia. Show us the shekels.
1 & 2. Gaia links Italian male “chauvinism” to the brutal child rapes which took place at an abandoned pool // 3. After fleeing Germany in 1933, the perverted Marxist Js of the Frankfurt School spread their “Critical Theory” poison to Columbia University. From there, the virus travelled across America and back “across the pond” following the World War II conquest of Europe.


Google “Podesta Art”

The abandoned pool where the little girls were raped and filmed reminds us of something produced by one of Tony Podesta’s “favorite artists,” doesn’t it?
Determined, as always, to run interference for child porn dealers, the Slimes evidently deemed the pedo-porn angle of this sad story as news NOT “fit to print.”
The “chauvinism” link and the deliberate omission of the pedo porn allegations are the most outrageous aspects of this article; but Gaia also mentions two other platitudinous libtarded codewords as culprits — specifically “neglected areas” and “social media.” You see, when such demented characters speak of “neglected areas,” they mean that more taxpayer money should be flushed down the toilet to keep the poor dependent and the welfare state fat. Though the cost of the “programs” for the proletariats may — over the course of years — double, triple and quadruple; they will always be considered as “neglected.” The true causes of their misery — debt-based currency, oppressive taxation and destruction of family / morals — is not to be addressed for that would ultimately lead to the solutions which would free the proles from their material and moral bondage. As for the Left’s concern over the influence of “social media,” the agenda there is to conveniently combine controls over cyber-shared sexual violence with their true target — “conspiracy theories! ” Recall, that’s exactly what that donkey-faced former PM of New Zealand tried a few years back, after that crisis-actor shooting at a mosque in Christchurch. These people don’t give a rat’s ass about gang-raped little Italian girls. If they did, they’d be aggressively uncovering the Epstein Island client list with wall-to-wall fanfare — as well as outing the wealthy and protected purchasers of violent child porn. They’re not. For these reptiles, the eternal misery of the “neglected” proles represents the foundational structure of their NWO pyramid. When events such as this happen, it is merely another ideal opportunity to virtuously pose while callously directing the “solution” toward their own ends. These people are sick.
1. Orwell on the relationship between “elites” and “proles.” // 2. (((They))) don’t give a damn about her… AT ALL!
Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the rape of two little girls in Italy is causing a national conversation about Italian male chauvinism.
Boobus Americanus 2: Lots of toxic masculinity among Italians.*St Sugar: Hey Boobuss! Vafanculo!!!
Editor: I am NOT going to translate that!

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