Crooks & Criminals; Addressing [Lifetime in Crime] Scammer in Charge Nancy Pelosi

Nanny Announces She Will Teeter Boozily Toward Re-Election in 2024

Yikes! Retire already! Don’t you have some evil private-life things you can do?


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Time for the Gerontocracy to Move Out: Why Nancy Pelosi’s Candidacy Might Be the Last Straw?


The recent news of Nancy Pelosi running again for the House of Representatives has stirred up a lot of debate and discussion about the growing gerontocracy in U.S. politics. While some argue that age shouldn’t be a factor in determining one’s eligibility to hold political office, others believe that it’s time for the old guard to move out and make space for the younger generation to take over. As a health enthusiast, I believe that aging is a natural process, but the institutional rot in U.S. politics needs to be cleansed. If a revolution is out of the question, what’s to be done about these geezers (I say affectionately, being one) in government who refuse to loosen their claws from the joystick of power?

Then there’s Glitch McConnell from Kentucky

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone in their 80s or even 90s are unproductive or unable to hold public office. However, when it comes to politics, it’s essential to consider the impact of cognitive decline on decision-making abilities. Age-related decline in cognitive function is a well-known phenomenon, and studies have shown that it impacts decision-making abilities, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and judgment. The fact that some people are living longer (note: life expectancy in the U.S. is in overall decline) and healthier lives is excellent news, but it’s critical to recognize the impact of age-related cognitive decline on political decision-making.

There’s more than one way to board Air Force One, I guess

Secondly, when a few individuals hold on to power for too long, they often become disconnected from the people they represent, leading to a lack of representation of diverse opinions and preferences. However, is Nanny P the perfect representation for a San Francisco that is also teetering on the edge of societal collapse? Workers at the Federal Building in SF named after Nanny P. have been warned to work from home due to sky rocketing crime.

Thirdly, the gerontocracy also perpetuates a lack of diversity in U.S. politics. Younger people and individuals from underrepresented communities often face significant barriers when it comes to entering politics. A gerontocracy further exacerbates these problems by limiting the opportunities for younger, diverse candidates to enter the political arena. As a result, a few individuals desperately cling onto power, representing a narrow section of society, while ignoring the needs and concerns of the broader community.

The Rolling Corpse

It’s obvious that change is needed, and change is needed fast. While it’s true that Nanny is older, it’s also true that she is deeply corrupt and has used her entrenched position in the House of Representatives to enrich herself and her family, immensely. It’s time for the corrupt gerontocracy to move out and make way for change. Nancy Pelosi and other older politicians (like the rolling corpse, also from California, DiFi) have sucked enough life out of this world. It’s also time to recognize that institutional rot plagues U.S. politics and needs to be cleansed.

What do you think?


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Comment:  I don’t harbor good will towards Nancy Pelosi.  I think she and her husband BELONG in JAIL and ALL their Assets should be confiscated and used to rescue San Francisco to combat the Crime and correct the political corruption that created this mess.  People victimized by Pelosi’s corruption need to be compensated.  Nancy Pelosi is a Political Prostitute, and Drunkard and God knows what else and we are all victims of her policies and will be when she advocates WW3.


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